Sarah Estep Operates Spiricom

By Ron Ruiz

George Meek’s goal with Spiricom was to change the world to the point where the human race would abandon its evil ways and embrace a new awareness that would usher in an era of peace.

Unfortunately, things did not work out for George Meek or the Spiricom device:


Some of you may or may not know that Sarah Estep experimented with the Spiricom device at her home. Re-printed here, Sarah talks about the experience many years later in response to a question from an AAEVP subscriber:

AA-EVP mailing list

Friday, October 4, 2002 8:47

Dear Friends (known and unknown)

Have been thinking for some time that I should write to you for different things that have come up in recent e-mails that you send to one another. This morning, after spending over an hour reading 60 e-mails in my box, I decided I should do it.

First, let’s talk about Spiricom. George Meek heard about me from a dear friend in California. When he and his wife visited their son in Virginia, he snail mailed me (none of us had computers at that time) and asked if he could come and visit me while there, he also included one of his excellent published books.

Of course, I wrote back and said, “Come, and bring your wife Jeanette.” They came a couple of weeks later. I’d prepared dinner for them and we had a very nice time together. My husband, Charlie, was an electrical engineer, and George was delighted at that. He knew Charlie could help me, if I agreed to work on Spiricom.

George had told us about Bill O’Neil, and what he, Hans Heckmann, Erland, and others had been working on. Bill was the only one who had actually experimented with the system, and George wanted to find someone else who would work on it and get the same results. He played several tapes of Bill and his communications with Mueller, and a few others who were in Spirit.

I was honored and delighted that he asked me to do this. Charlie and I had to sign a paper promising not to tell anyone else what was going on. We did, and I noticed he had the names of some well-known people. The next day, George brought the whole system to my home, and he and Charlie set it up in my recording room.

The sound source tape that O’Neil had developed out of Spiricom was interesting and strange. I had to promise George not to use the air-band on my radio, I’d used for several years. He knew about that, and just wanted me to use the Spiricom sounds. So, I did. He said he’d ask Bill to ask Mueller to come through to Sarah Estep.

I began working with just the Spiricom sound tape. What I did, and what any of you can do, is to (once you get the tape from Gary or Bill) make a copy of it. I bought a Endless Loop tape from Radio Shack. They’re not expensive and come in different lengths. I bought a 45 second tape for the Spiricom sounds, and duplicated it, from the tape recorder I was using for taping, onto a cassette tape. Then, whenever I made my morning recording, I’d play it on a cassette recorder (the endless tapes) go on for ‘ever’ until you click on ‘stop.’ Then, while it was playing, I made my usual 5 minute recording. You actually don’t have to have an endless tape. Just any cassette tape can record the sound source from the original tape, onto it. The only thing you do have to have is more than one recorder–the original that is playing the tape, and the one that is making a copy of it. (Most of you have more than one recorder).

Immediately, from the first morning on, I began getting voices–almost as good as when I used the air-band on a radio. The only difference is that none of them sounded like O’Neil’s. They would, at times, answer my questions (as they had for several years) but we didn’t have a two-way conversation that O’Neil and Mueller had. George would call me from his home in North Carolina, several times a week to see how it was going, and I’d tell him exactly. One of the first calls he made, he said he’d asked O’Neil to request Mueller to speak to Sarah Estep. According to O’Neil, Mueller said he’d be happy to do this, but O’Neil had to give him directions how to find where I was living….(I’ll not comment about that). George said he’d told O’Neil by telephone, how Mueller could reach me. Guess the directions weren’t too good, for I never heard from Mueller.

I was very disappointed, that I wasn’t having anything like O’Neil. My contacts were very good, but they (as I said) had not changed. I wanted to have long 2-way conversations (with Mueller) if possible, or at least with someone else. I told George this, each time he called. He was very kind and patient about my feelings (although I’m sure was terrible disappointed) since my results were still the same.

After a month I told George, I really didn’t want to continue with Spiricom. I used it for 30 days, never missing a one, and wasn’t having the kind of contacts O’Neil had. George promised to pick the system up the next time he came which would be in a week or two. He went to PA frequently to be with O’Neil, although he’d told me O’Neil never made a recording while he (George) was there.

He came, as he said, and packed up the system, and was on his way. Less than a year later, he presented it to an international news conference at National Geographic in Washington, D.C. There were a number of newspaper reports on it. Some people sat with him in front, on the conference table–such as Hans Heckmann, Ernst Senkowski, and of course Bill O’Neil. He then started traveling around the world, playing demonstration tapes, and talking about the development of Spiricom. He sold (for a very minor fee) folders with all kinds of information in it, including a Spiricom tape. A few of us got the folder without charge. I was one of them.

Dozens of people, in many countries, started using the Spiricom tape as their sound source and tried to duplicate O’Neil’s results. Not a single person did. Why? There have been different reasons given, which I won’t go into, except to say what works for one person may not work for anyone else.

George and I remained close friends–again, I won’t go into it, because it would take pages and pages….We stayed in touch, shared many things, and I always received his newsletter. He and Jeanette came and spent the night with us a few years later, as they were headed south. Jeanette used to teach school (so did I) and when she came out to the kitchen the next morning, while I was getting breakfast for the 4 of us, we sang: “Good morning to you….” which teachers and their young students sometimes sang to each other when school started each morning.

When he left that morning, he confided to me, that O’Neil had decided he hated him for some reason or another, and the several times George went to his home, trying to iron things out, O’Neil wouldn’t let him in the door. Now, O’Neil had been put in a mental hospital, (where I think he stayed until his death). I promised not to mention it to anyone as long as they both lived.

Eventually he tried to turn the Spiricom system over to others. The first couple he approached accepted it, and tried to make probably a million dollars or so from it. George took it back. Then, he gave it to another man. I met this man, and also George at a conference in Basel, Switzerland in which the two of us took part. He seemed like a nice man but I had the feeling he’d not be at all the business-like person George also was. George had paid all of his expenses. Sure enough, in less than a month after the conference, he turned it back to George. Then George sold the system (for probably pennies) to a multi-millionaire who lived in Philadelphia. The man put everything in his garage, and never did a thing with it.

Time for me to sign off….just hope I’ve been a bit of a help….

For your listening pleasure, here is an audio recording where Sarah mentions her experiments with Spiricom. Examples provided are regular EVP responses she got while using portions of the Spiricom equipment.


Thank you for taking the time to read and listen. I appreciate it very much. 🙂

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