The Personal Plight of Bill and Mary Alice O’Neil

By Ron Ruiz

Out beyond the horizon.  Where the moonlight fears to go.  A madman lies upon the ground, and moans.  Dreaming the dreams of a thousand nightmares.  All at once.

Bruce Dapkey was one of the original members of the Metascience Foundation and supervised the research efforts into Spiricom.  In January 1982, Bruce visited Bill O’Neil and his wife Mary Alice in Adrian, PA.  During this extended visit,  Bruce gained a greater understanding of the interpersonal struggles between Bill & Mary Alice.  For those of you that recall your Spiricom history,  Bill O’Neil had been battling his inner demons for quite some time.  Coming to terms with life was not so easy for Bill O’Neil or his wife.

The following recordings are part of Bruce Dapkey’s report on that visit.  You will hear the first hand observations that capture a moment in time in the personal lives of Bill and Mary Alice.






~ Ron

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