The Exorcism Of Bill O’Neil and Mary Alice

By Ron Ruiz


meekbookAn excerpt from page 53 of the book; After We Die, Then What by George W. Meek:

“In February 1974, I was awakened at 3:15 a.m. by the ringing of the telephone.  An acquaintance, Bill (O’Neil) was calling me in great distress.

Before he had uttered more than a few words, a strange voice cut in and cursed me with such gusto and vocabulary as I had seldom heard. Bill would try to get in a few more to explain what was going on but would be interrupted constantly by the strange voice uttering more curses and insisting I stay out of their affairs.”

George Meek had come to the stark realization that both Bill O’Neil and his wife Mary Alice had become Obsessed by two entities.  Meek described the act of Obsession as a precursor to a full blown Possession.

George told Bill he did not have the skills to help him but he did know someone who could help.  George asked O’Neil to gently hang up the phone and he would have someone call him back.

Mandel-4By 3:30 a.m. George Meek was in his office placing a call to his friend; Dr. Henry Mandel of St. Petersburg Florida.  Mandel, then 78 years old had been considered by Meek to be one of the best parapsychologists and healers he had ever encountered in his travels. George explained the urgency of the situation and asked for Henry’s assistance. Mandel agreed to phone O’Neil to see what he could do to help Bill and Mary Alice.

At approximately 4:45 a.m. Mandel phoned Meek and reported success in helping to rid the entities from the O’Neil’s with the help of Mandel’s Native American spirit guide; Tall Oak.

Henry Mandel also told George Meek that he had recorded much of the conversation between himself and the O’Neil’s and offered to send Meek a copy of the recording.

George describes this recording as one of his prized treasures and how the conversation between Mandel, the O’Neil’s and the two entities had to have been the “strangest telephone conversation” he had ever encountered.

fullerIn the 3rd edition of the book; The Ghost of 29 Megacycles by John J. Fuller, there is a written transcript of this phone call.

If you do not have this book, don’t worry because I have provided below; the actual recording Henry Mandel made to Bill O’Neil in the wee hours of that morning of February 1974.

In the following recording,  Mary O’Neil has been infected by the spirit of a little girl named Lorna while Bill O’Neil has been beset upon by entities named Richard and Philip:

After this incident, George Meek helped Bill and Mary O’Neil to understand and prevent further psychic attacks.  This in turn allowed Bill to develop his own clairvoyant and healing abilities.

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