Spiricom – Its Development & Potential – The Complete Recordings

By Ron Ruiz

img_0155Hi Folks.  As 2016 is winding down and people have more time at home, I thought now would be a good time to release the complete recordings of the Spiricom LP that was provided to members of the Washington D.C. Press Corps.

The album consists of 2 LP records narrated by George Meek.  George gives the history of Spiricom and presents audio examples of the communication between Dr. Mueller and Bill O’Neil.

At the bottom of the article I have included the official transcript of the recordings in a searchable PDF format which you can download   🙂

Ready?  Here we go:


LP-1 Side-1


LP-1 Side-2


LP-2 Side-1


LP-2 Side-2



Here is the transcript in searchable PDF format.

To download it:  Click Here




Thanks for taking the time to listen.  ~ Ron

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