Sanchita Speaking

Sanchita Russian Lab

Sanchita Speaking by Artem Miheev, PhD, president of the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication (RAIT) – St. Petersburg, Russian Federation Translated by Rita Kozushin Introduction: Sanchita is a group of spiritual beings regularly sending their information to the computer of the trans-communication station in St. Petersburg. The initial contacts originated in 2008 – See Here.…

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Sonia Rinaldi – Unborn Child Transcript

Different Levels of Consciousness Communicate Through ITC Sonia Rinaldi is known as one of the foremost researchers in Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Currently she is pioneering new advancements and breaking new ground by demonstrating communication with the minds of people in the afterlife, nonverbal people on the earth plane such as ALS patients, nonverbal autistic children,…

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Russian Scientists Discover The Mystery Of The Other Side

By Gregory Telnov. Originally published on 7/12/2009 in Russian in the newspaper “Жизнь (Life)” Republished with permission of The Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication  (RAIT). Translated by Rita Kozushin, Edited by Vicki Talbott. “Life Is Just As Active On The Other Side” There is no death. On the contrary, there is a very active life…

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IPATI – Transcommunication Between The Living -The Case of Debora

This report is reproduced with permission from IPATI (Institute of Advanced Research in Instrumental Transcommunication) in Brazil. Original source (em português): Translation by Mario Fontes, Edited by Gretchen Bickert, Keith J. Clark by Sonia Rinaldi – March 2013 I met Debora about four years ago, when she was looking for me because she has one…

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Russian Researchers Establish Radio Contact with the Dead

In God All Live Russian researchers have established radio contact with the world beyond the grave by Gregory Telnov originally published on 6/21/2009 in Russian Republished with permission of The Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication  (RAIT) Original source in Russian HERE. Translated by Rita Kozushin, Edited by Keith J. Clark A sensational experiment performed by Russian…

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Russia: 25,000 Strong in Spirit

by Keith J . Clark Sometimes we think of the world as a small place, and as we are immersed in our daily lives we may forget how connected we all really are. Living in the United States, I am exposed mostly to information regarding spirit communication from the United States and the UK. Being curious, I…

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