Russian Scientists Discover The Mystery Of The Other Side

By Gregory Telnov.
Originally published on 7/12/2009 in Russian in the newspaper “Жизнь (Life)”
Republished with permission of The Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication  (RAIT).
Translated by Rita Kozushin, Edited by Vicki Talbott.

The Svitnevs, Vadim and Nataly

“Life Is Just As Active On The Other Side” There is no death. On the contrary, there is a very active life on the other side. A multitude of messages from the afterlife testify to this – voices of people who have passed on are received via radio, computers and even cell phones.  It is hard to believe, but it is a fact. The author of this article also was skeptical until he witnessed such contact with the other side in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We published reports of this experience in three 2009 June editions of the newspaper “Жизнь.” (Life).  Since then, we have received phone calls and internet comments from all over the country. Readers are disputing, doubting, astonished, thankful – the theme of contact with the other side has touched each person. Many request contact information for the scientists involved in such experiments. To that end, following is the website address of the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication (RAIT), which is engaged in the research of electronic voice phenomena:

Via this site you can contact the head of RAIT, Dr. Artem Miheev, and his colleagues. Dr. Miheev has a PhD in physics and mathematics. Please keep in mind that this research is still in the experimental stage and that RAIT does not provide occult services; rather, its members are engaged in scientific studies.

One more piece of advice: refrain from being tempted to rush into establishing contacts on your own using today’s technology. This is still the subject of study by a few dedicated scientists. The psychological impact of such attempts on the unprepared mind must not be understated. Perhaps it might be enough for you to go to church, light a candle, and pray for the restful peace of your friends and loved ones who have passed on, to comfort yourself in believing that the soul is immortal, and that a separation from your discarnate loved ones is only temporary.

The first contact with a specific person who had transitioned to the other side was through a radio bridge established by the Svitnevs’ family in St. Petersburg. Their son;  Dmitry (Mitya) had died in a car accident, but his parents found a way to hear his voice again. Dr. Vadim Svitnev, a PhD in physics and mathematics, and his colleagues from RAIT established a connection with the other side with the help of specially designed equipment and a computer.

Their son answered their questions live from the other side of the veil, at one point exclaiming: “We all live with the Lord!”  This amazing two-way contact has been going on for more than a year. The parents record all conversations in electronic format; more than three thousand files exist containing answers to their questions. Information in these communications seems to go against traditional notions of life on the other side of the veil.

By request from readers of Life, I asked Natalia and Vadim Svitnev, the parents of Dmitry (Mitya), several questions. Here are their answers:

Question: What specific sentences, facts, intonations, allow you to identify the person from the other side that you communicate with?

Answer: Wouldn’t you recognize your child’s voice from billions of other voices? Each voice has its own specific characteristics. Our Mitya has a characteristic voice of his own, easily recognizable – a very soft tone which penetrates the heart. When we played Mitya’s voice recordings for his friends, they asked us when the voice was recorded, convinced that the recordings were made before his tragic death.  We communicate with many people from the other side. They introduce themselves by name during our conversations. There are Fedor, Sergei, Stas, and Sasha among Mitya’s friends; they also mentioned Andrew. Mitya’s friends from the other side sometimes call him by his internet nickname, which he chose himself – “MNTR” – which is reversed text for the Russian name Mitya. Vadim’s discarnate colleagues also greeted him during communication sessions. For example, Vadim’s former boss had crossed over and contacted him with the greeting: “Vadusha, I want to congratulate you on Navy Day!” In response to the question, “Who am I talking to?” the answer was, “It is I, Grusdev.” Interestingly, nobody called Vadim “Vadusha” except this person. Natalia was at times called by her maiden name, “Titlyanova,” and at referred to jokingly as “Titlyashkina” or “Titlyandia.”

Question: How does one feel on the other side during first seconds, days, weeks, and months after death?

Answer: We were told during contacts that there was no interruption experienced from the perspective of those on the other side, that the sense of a gap is experienced only on this side, and that transition from one world to the next is painless.

Question: Is it possible to predict events from the other side?

Answer: Events that are distant in time from the present are seen from the other side less clearly than events that are closer in time. There have been many predictions of future events. For example, there was a warning about a brutal attack on the neighbor’s boy three months before the incident.

Question: What needs does a person have on the other side, for example, physiological needs like breathing, eating, drinking, and sleeping?

Answer: It is very simple. Mitya said: “I am fully alive, the same Mitya. We are busy and have barely slept for three months.”
 During one of the contacts, Mitya said: “Mama, listen to me carefully,” and I could hear him breathing. He tried to breathe loudly on purpose to make sure that that I could hear. It was the real, familiar breathing of a live person. They say also that sometimes they are so busy they have no time to think of food.

On The Subject Of Relatives

Question: How are contacts between relatives maintained there?

Answer: Mitya often speaks about my mother, his grandmother, that she is there. My mother and father have also participated in the conversation at times. When I felt sad missing my mother, Mitya invited her, and since she was a Ukrainian, she spoke with me in pure Ukrainian. Vadim has also talked with his mother. Of course, family ties are maintained.

Question: How and where do they live? Are there cities, towns or villages?

Answer: Mitya told us that he lived in a village and even explained to us how to find him. During one of our best contacts, we heard his address: North Forest Street.

Question: Is the date of our transition to the other side predetermined or not?

Answer: There is no discussion of transition dates to the other side. We are always reminded that we do not die: “You live forever in our eyes.”

Questions: Have they given you any hints from the other side related to everyday matters?

Answer: One day during a conversation, Vadim was told that he had 36 rubles in his pocket. He checked and was surprised to see that he had exactly 36 rubles. Egor, our youngest son, was trying to repair his bicycle and couldn’t find the problem. Vadim was in the middle of a contact with the other side at this time. All of a sudden, Vadim turned to Egor and said: “Mitya told me that you had a damaged axle,” which was subsequently confirmed.

Question: Are there animals on the other side?

Answer: The following incident serves as an example: Folks from the other side brought a little dog during one contact. We could hear her barking and recorded the sound.

Ability To Return

Question: Is it possible to return and communicate from the other side?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. During many of our contacts, we talked a lot about overcoming the separation between the“living”  and the “dead”.  Following are some communications received: “Go to the light.” “Technology is superb here.” “Unless you are here, it is hard to comprehend what is going on.” “Believe in your country. We will start it in Russia.” “We will be together. Our family will be united.” “You broke my coffin.” “I will come back to you for sure.” “We will awake humanity.” “Youth is coming back.” “You will discover God’s music in the right time.”

Question: Why do only a very few on the other side have contact with their incarnate loved ones?

Answer: Two sides participate in contact. You must believe that you can, and make that first step.  Love and faith will be rewarded. Everyone who is persistent can communicate with their loved ones. A woman who lost her son visited us recently, and we conducted a session. Everyone was astonished, as the woman recognized her son. During their communication, very personal information was exchanged. Our research had grown to include the ability to establish contact with those unknown to us, a first in our practice.

The method for conducting similar communication sessions is described at our article site:

To conclude, the walls that surround us exist solely in our minds. From the other side, they are non-existent. They can see us, and hear our thoughts and spoken words. They say: “You journey through life running in a fog.” They also say: “Give me your hand!” and “Here all is forgiven”.


To read more about RAIT (The Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication), Artem, and the Svitnev family, click HERE.

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