Sonia Rinaldi – Unborn Child Transcript

Different Levels of Consciousness Communicate Through ITC

Sonia Rinaldi is known as one of the foremost researchers in Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). Currently she is pioneering new advancements and breaking new ground by demonstrating communication with the minds of people in the afterlife, nonverbal people on the earth plane such as ALS patients, nonverbal autistic children, and Alzheimer’s patients, as well as the spirits of unborn children.

1st RECORDING / Maria Julia’s Case

November 15, 2016


Maria Julia – the main subject of discussion. (Not involved in communications) She is pregnant and concerned that she may have the Zika virus. Maria Helena is her (living) mother.

Sonia Rinaldi – an ITC Researcher (makes comments throughout transcript of both tapes), and aunt to Maria Julia

Narisha – Coordinator from the non-earthly Brazilian TransCommunication Station (referred to in comments as “The Station”

Mr. German – Sonia Rinaldi’s nickname for Konstantin Raudive, deceased ITC pioneer working (apparently) from the non-earthly Brazilian TransCommunication Station

Fernando – Sonia Rinaldi’s deceased husband, present at the non-earthly Brazilian TranCommunication Station at the time of the experiment

Baby – Maria Julia’s unborn child

Nilza – ITC researcher and out-of-body expert facilitating the experiment, partly in an out-of-body state and reporting back to Sonia Rinaldi

Note: Narisha, Mr. German (Raudive), Fernando, and Baby are (apparently) all at the non-earthly Brazilian TransCommunication Station. Sonia, Maria Julia, and Nilza are all in separate locations with Sonia in her lab and Nilza (astral) projecting to Maria Julia’s room and communicating back (astrally) to Sonia’s recorder to be verified by a follow-up (earthly) phone discussion between Sonia and Nilza.

Beginning of Tape 1:

Sonia: – “Restarting here …”

Narisha: – “I listen to sister!”

Comment: Usually the station coordinators call me “sister” out of kindness and regard for me.

Sonia: – “I am sorry …”

Narisha: – “Alpha engaged!”

Comment: I apologized because I was confused about the devices, but finally I was okay to start. Narisha confirmed that Alpha is the place where the Station is located. Frequently they say that they are speaking from Alpha.

Sonia: – I would like to talk a little bit … before we …”

Narisha: – “Give (me) the subject!”

Sonia: – “Trying to find out about Maria Julia …”

Comment: It is curious that in the pause for breathing, Narisha inserted the reply before I finished the question. It sounds like he wanted to speak about the subject I was suggesting.

Sonia: – “Narisha, do you know Saulo Calderon?”

Narisha: – “You know, I prove, he hears, sister!”

Comment: The question was requested by my friend Marx. He has a friend (Saulo Calderon) who says that he is receiving messages from extraterrestrials and he is not convinced that they are genuine. Here Narisha confirms that the contacts are in fact happening.

Sonia: – “Do you know Marx?”

Mr. German: – “(He) will defend a mission!”

Comment: This reply is very special. Marx is a boy who just received a Mastership degree in engineering at the age of 26. We are impressed by his dedication to our research. He seems to be extremely well-suited for this activity in spite of the fact that he is so young. So, Mr. German just confirmed what we imagined. Marx will fulfill a mission in this life! The name, “Mr. German” refers to Dr. Konstantin Raudive. It is a nickname I gave him when he first began speaking to me through ITC, but I didn’t know who he was.

Mr. German: – (“He) earns points, observe!”

Comment: This reply sounds right. He refers to the fact that Marx earns points, meaning respect for his self-motivated dedication to ITC research.

Sonia: – “Today we would like to know about Maria Julia …”

Mr. German: “(She) called Dad and I ended up seeing!”

Comment: In fact, Maria Helena was requesting her deceased father’s support for the problem with her daughter’s pregnancy. We can understand that when both Maria Helena and Maria Julia asked for the spiritual support, Mr. German was willing to give it.

Mr. German: – “There is a life, and at night you stopped eating!”

Comment: This is a real complaint because, in fact, Maria Julia is not eating as she should. This sounds as though Mr. German is cross with her because she is jeopardizing the baby.

Mr. German: – “Friend!”

Sonia: – “Fernando is possibly worried. I would like to talk to him.”

Comment: My deceased husband, Fernando, is Maria Julia’s uncle.

Sonia: – “Fernando, Maria Helena is very worried about Maria Julia.”

Mr. German: – “(She) begins to bear!”

Sonia: – “Fernando, can you say who is returning as Maria Julia’s baby?”

Fernando: – “I cannot say!”

Comment: In truth, I would like to know who was reincarnating in the family, but he says he cannot reveal it.

Sonia: – “Do you confirm that the pregnancy will end okay, with no problem?”

Fernando: – “So, make the test!”

Comment: Of course this is what Maria Julia wanted to know. Does she have the Zika virus? Will she have to abort? As per Fernando’s reply, everything will be okay. A great relief!”

Sonia: – “Hi Baby!”


– “Already said. (We are) family!”

Comment: I started speaking to the baby himself. As I didn’t know if he had a name already, I just called him “Baby.” His first replies confirmed my intuition that he was already a member of the family – maybe Maria Julia’s grandpa (but not confirmed yet.)

Sonia: – “Can you give me your name?”

Baby: – “The name is Dudu. You don’t want to believe!”

Comment: This is possibly the most important statement in this recording because the day after I recorded it, I talked by phone with Maria Helena, and asked if the family was already thinking of a name for the child. She then told me something very curious: she said that Maria Julia chose the name “Fernando” for the baby. However, she has a little five-year-old daughter, Paula, who since last year has said her brother Eduardo will come. Maria Julia didn’t pay much attention to it, thinking it was just the girl’s imagination. After Maria Julia discovered that she was pregnant, every time she talked to Paula about the baby, she said she would use the name “Fernando” and Paula would insist that the name was wrong; he was “Eduardo” as if she knew him already. So this reply, when I asked if he could say his name, he said the name is “Dudu” (nickname for Eduardo), but you don’t believe!” This shows that the baby was aware that Maria Julia was not trusting what Paula was telling her.

Baby: – “Dad, it’s to be the friend!”

Comment: The baby mentioned that a father has to be a friend.

Baby: – “Aside you, you will pray!”

Comment: This also seems to correspond to reality. Maria Julia has told me that she has been praying.

Baby: – “Mom! I’ll call you soon!”

Sonia: – “Are we to understand that you were Mr. Horacio (in the previous life)?

Comment: This is the second clear indication that he will be born. He addresses these words to Maria Julia, calling her “Mom” and confirming that soon he will be calling her that. I risked a guess that the boy could be the reincarnation of Maria Julia’s grandpa, Mr. Horacio.

Baby: – “I will come back! Go ahead! Call me! Ask for help!”

Comment: Again he seems positive that he will succeed in being born.

Baby: – “Mom wants to take me!”

Sonia: – “It’s so important that you understand that it’s very good for you to come back.”

Baby: – “And see you!”

Sonia: – “Maria Julia will love you very much; you will have a wonderful home, very calm, very peaceful.”

Baby: – “I begged!”

Comment: I talked to him trying to calm him down. It is curious that he trusts that Maria Julia will keep him, and when he says he would see me, suggests that he is a person I knew in this life. Could he be Mr. Horacio, Fernando’s father?

Baby: – “I will arrive as friend, if I can!”

Baby: – “I had been in a proceeding/behavior; you picked me by hugging!”*

[* iDigitalMedium Note: We are not sure of the correct translation of this statement. The original sentence in Portuguese:(es) Tive uma conduta – você escolheu se abraçando.”]

Sonia: “Is Fernando with you?”

Baby: – Look at the video! He himself is looking!”

Comment: It is possible that what he calls “video” is a screen in the Station that Fernando could be looking at.

Baby: – “I’m on a train!”

Sonia: – “Now leave a message for the family; they are worried!”

Comment: This information coincides with the moment I stopped talking to him and started talking to Nilza. Could that be the reason he felt he was being transported back (in a train)? From the Station to earth? It could be just how he felt. Very curious indeed.

Nilza: – “(He) doesn’t want anything else! He will come back!

Comment: Once more, this indicates that the pregnancy will come to term and the boy will be born healthy. Nilza says it is all he wants.

Sonia: Hi Nilzinha (nickname for Nilz)

Nilza: – “I spoke to you!”

Sonia: – “How was your visit to Maria Julia?”

Nilza: – “It was under force!”

Comment: This seems to refer to the darkness she saw, the panic of the child, so that possibly the situation required determination.

Nilza: – “Friend is black!”

Sonia: – “Did you succeed in being with her (Maria Julia)?

Comment: She calls Maria Julia “friend” and confirms that she saw all black.

Sonia: – “Did you see positive things? Things will go right?”

Nilza: “She is afraid of being a mother – just was messy!”

Comment: In fact, Maria Julia is in a panic. She cries a lot; she is afraid to influence the baby in case she has the Zika virus.

Nilza: – “Father is a friend!!!”

Sonia: – “Did you discover if the baby is really Maria Helena’s father?”

Sonia: – “What have you seen in the house that caught your attention?

Nilza: – “She (Maria Julia) looks worn out from the stress!

Sonia: – Did you feel tired?”

Nilza: – “Somewhat!”

Comment: This was also confirmed by Nilza when she (later) related her impressions by phone. She said she felt the presence of a strong man beside her sending energy to Maria Julia’s body.

Sonia: “Nilzinha, I hope you have seen something.”

Voice: “I am seeing you!”

Comment: Very curious. Nilza related by phone before I listened to the recording that she could see me from the Station. She said I was on a screen.

Sonia: – “Did you see the boy?”

Nilza: – “I did! He is missed (by Mom)!

Comment: This was also confirmed by her. She saw a little boy who was very afraid. She explained that he was afraid due to his Mom’s fear and affliction.

Nilza: – “Grandma wants to help!”

Comment: Confirmation that Maria Helena (his grandma) wants to help.

Sonia: – “You will adjust and remain stable … you will be very loved … you will be well treated in Maria Julia’s body and afterwards you will be a happy child!”

Baby: – “And I don’t know?”

Comment: His reply in a question format suggests he is sure he will be happy.

Sonia: – “Narisha, any message for Marx?”

Narisha: – “Son, I want to see you helping your grandfather!”

Narisha: – “Open up and you will see that I arrived.”

Sonia: – “A kiss … good bye

2nd RECORDING / Maria Julia’s Case

November 17, 2016

Sonia Rinaldi Reports:

Two days after the first session we held for Maria Julia, we (Nilza and I) held another session remotely, because the situation seemed unresolved. There was still no clear answer as to whether the baby would really be born or if Maria Julia was, in fact, with Zika virus. If so, an abortion was expected because such virus generally produces a child with Microcephaly.

In the new recording, I tried to be more objective and to verify whether help was received in the previous session.

In this diagram,  we see that a net was formed with 3 dots: My lab, Nilza’s room and M.Julia’s bedroom, as recommended by the Transmission Station.

Again Nilza and I worked together – she in her house would, in an out-of-body state, go to Maria Julia’s room – and I would record (in my lab) to investigate what was going on with our “patient”.

That night the three of us coordinated (Nilza, Maria Julia, and I) to get in synch at 9 o’clock. We 3 live about 1 hour distant from each other.

At 9 o’clock I was ready to start recording but decided to wait a bit as not to disturb the attention of our Spirit Friends in the Transmission Station. About 9:15 I started recording greeting first the higher friend – the extraterrestrial who gave his name as Narisha, (but for respect I call Mr. Narisha.)

Before I say any word, he greets me saying:


Mr. Narisha seems to be an extraterrestrial as per his transimage (see photo.)



Beginning of Tape 2:

Narisha: – “Merry Christmas!”

Comment: I admit I was shocked by this expression. It is very unexpected for an extraterrestrial to mention Christmas. But I am sure he just wanted to show us that they are quite aware of the period we are living (in fact, Christmas time).

Sonia: – “Would it be possible to show the boy to Maria Julia?”

Narisha: – “The girl will see!”

Comment: In fact this was confirmed; Maria Julia reported the next day that during the session she saw a little boy in school clothes coming in her direction to hug her – as a possible scene in the future. So, she saw her future son.

Sonia:   – “Mr. Narisha… Maria Julia and Maria Helena (Maria Julia’s mother) …”

Narisha: – “I know!”

Sonia:   – “Are in distress…”

Sonia:   – “Will it be possible for this pregnancy to continue?”

Narisha: – “Record: a beautiful man will come!”

Comment: This confirmation was a great relief – it means that in fact her pregnancy will go on.

Sonia: – “Thanks a lot Mr. Narisha… and now we would appreciate an opportunity to speak with Mr. German…”

Mr. German: – “Connected – calling Earth!”

Sonia: – “Mr. German, are you accompanying the connection work of Nilza and the Shaman?”

Mr. German: – “And we got it!”

Comment: This reply indicates that something was achieved, that something changed for good.

Note – Nilza has described seeing a “Native American Indian” dressed somewhat similar to a shaman. That is why I asked about him. She says that while she travels (out of her body) she feels his presence and strength and also hears him speaking in a language she doesn’t understand.

Mr. German: – “Confirmed – it is as I saw!”

Sonia:   – “Is it possible to go ahead…? This boy, Eduardo, may come really in this opportunity?”

Comment:   The fact is that the family was afraid that Maria Julia had the Zika virus, and so she would be obliged to abort. But Mr. German confirms that the boy is coming as he already saw.

Sonia:   – “Mr. German…”

Mr. German: – “Don’t doubt anything!”

Sonia: – “Is it possible to reassure Julia? ”

Comment: Really! After this second session Maria Julia became another person. Up until then she was depressed, crying every day, apologizing to the baby out of guilt due to the vírus. After this session she is pure happiness.

German: – “As a family to Raudive!”

Sonia:   – “Do you have any message to Marx?”

Comment: Very unexpected statement – he (Raudive or Mr. German) declares that our friend Eng. Marx is like a member of his family. That is to say that he likes this young boy a lot. Marx is only 27 years old, already has a Mastership degreeBab in engineering, and loves to research with us. I decided to introduce a parallel conversation instead of talking about Maria Julia.

Mr. German: – “He awakes hungry!”

Comment: This sounds that at the same moment of the recording they (the spirit friends) were watching Marx’s house on a screen as well – and saw that he was sleeping and awaked with hunger. This confirms that we are watched more than we imagine.

Mr. German: – “…my boy!”

Sonia:   – “Was Marx ….?”

Comment:   We will research Dr. Raudive’s personal life to find out if he had a son. Marx could be his reincarnation.

Mr. German: – “(He) has to ask for energy/strength from his Indian!”

Sonia: – “About his mission … can you say anything? “

Comment: It is understood that Marx has a guide/protector who was also an Indian.

Mr. German: – “Alpha sees him singing in Atlantis.

Comment: This is the first time we ever heard the name “Atlantis”. This city was mentioned by Plato though it was never found by our present civilization. So it is surprising that this lost paradise should be mentioned by those on the other side.

Sonia: – “About his Mission … can you say anything?”

Mr. German: – “Call the priest!”

Comment: Very significant reply. The priest mentioned is the Brazilian father Dr. Roberto Landell de Moura. It is known that Dr. Landell is one of the great supervisors of the ITC contacts to Earth. He was the first transcommunicator on Earth in 1905. He had a very hard life because he had gifts such as clairvoyance but the church could not tolerate such irreverence.

Sonia: – “Mr. German, any message for Maria Helena?”

Mr. German: – “Don’t abandon your dream – pursue it!”

Mr. German: – “To Alpha help was asked and gotten!”

Sonia: – “Any message for Maria Julia?”

Comment: This also sounds like a confirmation that the pregnancy was saved. Notice that sometimes they invert the sentence. He should say: She asked Alpha for help and got it. But he inverted saying: to Alpha help was asked and gotten.

Sonia: – “Thanks a lot Mr. German…”

Mr. German: – “Listen to Alphredo… Alpha comes in him!”

Comment:  I don’t know who this Alphredo is.

Fernando: – ​​”(she) didn’t faint!”

Sonia: – “Hi Fernando…”

Comment: The verb “to faint” appearing in a sentence from Fernando, is very curious because in the past his sister Maria Helena had this symptom from time to time. My interpretation is that this time, when she listens to her brother’s clear voice she will not faint (very evidential.)

Sonia: – “Hi Fernando…”

Fernando: – “I am listening, proceed!”

Fernando: – “I can record in a test”.

Fernando: – ​​”I will reply!”

Sonia: – “Is Eduardo someone we know in the family?”

Sonia:   – “She is suffering Fernando… What can you say to diminish Maria Julia’s pain?”

Fernando: – ​​”Daughters! The sun rises!”

Comment: again a positive confirmation that things will go well and she will not lose the baby.

Sonia: – “Hi Dudu…”

Baby: – ​​ “(to) my dad and friends I will speak!”

Baby: – ​​“This topic you will write down…!”

Sonia: – “Dudu, did you see your mom today?”

Baby: – “(I have) been looking for her for a long time”

(Note: Sonia mentions that in Portuguese this sentence was inverted like several others.)

Baby: – “This subject cannot (be talked about) anymore!”

Sonia:   – “She is very sad… she feels guilty. You know she isn’t right?”

Sonia: – “Eduardo…”

Baby: – “Hi Ju!”


Very sweet: to hear the whisper in a boy’s voice calling Maria Julia by her nickname “Ju”.

Sonia: – “Dudu…”

Baby: – “Today we didn’t finish yet!”

Sonia: – “Would you like to say something to your mom?”


Very smart, he says that he didn’t leave a message because we didn’t finish recording – that is, he has time.

Sonia: – “Would you like to say something to your mom?”

Baby: – “A little kiss!   I need to stay!”

Comment: meaning he does want to incarnate.

At this point I made an interruption and saved the recording. I restarted again now calling Nilza’s Consciousness in order to find out what she saw during her out-of-the-body trip to Maria Julia’s room.



Dr. Konstantin Raudive, a pioneer of ITC in the 1960’s








Fernando is my deceased husband. He died in 2005 and since then he has been a very active worker of the Transmission Station.





Maria Julia 2 weeks after this recording – at a Christmas lunch of the family.






To learn more about Sonia’s work, visit:  (In Portuguese)

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