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This report is reproduced with permission from IPATI (Institute of Advanced Research in Instrumental Transcommunication) in Brazil.
Original source (em português): http://www.ipati.org/boletins_new/ptbr34_br/ptbr34.html
Translation by Mario Fontes, Edited by Gretchen Bickert, Keith J. Clark

by Sonia Rinaldi – March 2013

Debora pictured above – © IPATI

I met Debora about four years ago, when she was looking for me because she has one deceased daughter and wanted news from her.

Debora speaks with great difficulty, however, one of her hands was still active so that she could type and send emails.  However, it does get tired easily.

Knowing Debora and the circumstances in which she lives is an experience to say the least.  She has faced since youth, problems of all types and sizes.

She was raped as a teenager, faced the death of two daughters, had a third child taken from her – an extremely troubled child. Without financial conditions or health plans to assist her, especially with the various pains in the body among dozens of other tormenting things, she was still crowned with an unusal disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
The main characteristic of this disease is that the patient loses muscular strength and therefore their body atrophies and is disabled.  However, they maintain total cognitive clarity, meaning the mind works perfectly.

The ALS patient, as the acronym known to designate the disease, lives fully aware of everything.  They hear and see everything, and continue to do so even when the disease reaches extreme evolution where the patient cannot speak or move.  They cannot move their arms, hands etc.  Anything. The only thing that survives is the mind, the rest succumbs. This progressive disease has no cure yet, unfortunately.

Those who come to know the life of Debora will inevitably question how such a person would have to face so many difficulties. We all have ups and down, difficulties and mishaps in life. However, living an endless string of “bad luck” is not normal.
Debora is an affable, understanding person, never raging against her fate.

Nevertheless, back to the beginning of the story, when I met her she wanted to hear her daughter’s news.  Camila, who died at 15, after a struggle of many years due to the rare disease, gigantism. The major characteristic of this disease is that its bearer never stops growing,  At the time of Camilla’s death (age 15) she was over 6’ tall.

Debora, as an extemely good mother,  devoted her time and care of this girl in this uphill struggle.  Becoming attached to her, to the point that when Camilla died, Debora fell into a deep depression.

Aware of such misfortunes I decided to meet her, and finally we became friends.

I started to follow her day by day life and considering that her illness would progress in a short time, I thought I could help her in a special way. I was aware of the possibility of communication between living beings, who did not have the ability to communicate traditionally,  through the work of both Allan Kardec and Ernesto Bozzano.

Past Cases

Inside Transcommunication literature we have a classic case, an event experienced by one of the pioneers of the recordings in the ’70s, which was reported in my book “Instrumental Trans, Contacts with the addition of Technical Vias (Ed. FE, 1997, p. 20) I quote:



Born in Hungary, living in São Paulo, Brazil, George Magiary began to take an interest in contacts via recorder when his wife died. Dissatisfied with longing, he remembered having heard something of the matter, and decided to try. (…)
Magiary made a great achievement: He had set up an experiment that suggests there is a possibility of occurrence of contacts between living persons despite their inabilty to speak (coma, mute, etc.).

Once, when he turned on his recorder he captured the voice of a friend who was in a coma at the Hospital Samaritano, desperately asking  “The doctors are keeping me alive by machines. Help me, for God’s sake, I cannot die! ”

Thus we see that the coma effectively allows the patient to release the physical moorings and be able to transribe and record.







The work of this great Italian Researcher called Ernesto Bozzano was originally published in 1924 and translated into Portuguese under the title of “Psychic communications between livings.” The complete works are on the site www.autoresespiritasclassicos.com and include hundreds of reports.

I chose the two cases, which I transcribe below, that clearly show that the possibility of communication between livings has been amply demonstrated in the past:

The following episode was taken from vol. III, p. 295 of Annali dello Spiritismo in Italy. Mr. F. Scifoni, one of the first notable Italian spiritualists, wrote these words to the director of the magazine:
On June 17, 1863, shortly after midnight, I found myself in the office as usual, absorbed in the work. Stopping for a brief rest, I remembered having read in spiritualist or magnetism newspapers something about the experience of evocation of the spirit of people immersed in sleep.

I also knew that one of my friends had obtained good results in such evidence, more than once, and so came the desire to try it.

Mr. Vicenzo Tanni has been living with me for many months, and was sleeping in my own room, next to my office. The door was propped and I could heard him snore loudly, as usual.

I hereby declare that I never saw my friend Vincenzo awaken during the tests.  The replies I received were written automatically by my own hand and was due to no influence from Vincenzo who was sleeping.

I wanted then to try to test him and I endeavored to focus my will intensely, as if by magnetism, I could call him out of his body. As I evoked his spirit, I immediately started writing, and my hand traced these words: “Here I am. What do you want with me?” I made some questions and received responses of little value, and then I wrote this request,” Well my dear Tanni, want to do me a favor?  Would you want to give me a nice proof of the reality of spiritist communications, arousing you briefly and calling me by name?”  And my hand wrote: “Yes”.  I repeat that I myself was in my office and he slept in the adjoining room.

The distance from the cabinet to the wall of the bedroom is four meters. The conditions are described as cramped.  I kept myself in deep silence, with an attentive ear to see if he made the slightest movement, but nothing interrupted his sleep. Continuing without hearing anything, I invoked my familiar spirits, and my hand writes: “Wait a little longer.” I waited and hoped, but heard nothing … Disappointed, I thought I might resume my work when I was interrupted.  I suddenly saw Tanni move and he called me by my name distinctly. Surprised, I asked:
What do you want?

– Are you still up?

– Yes What do you want.?

– Nothing.  And with a kind of uncertainty: What time is it?

– Midnight and thirty-five minutes.

– Oh! I assumed it was already day.

Then he fell fast asleep. Amazed with the beautiful experience, I asked my spirits if the delay of the results would not be proof due to lack of firmness of my will, and my hand writes: “Yes. Just a bit; however, you can be happy with the result. ”

Wishing to take at face value the development of the facts in the case above, it should be said that the episode of psychic communication between living people, could have occurred by the intervention of a spiritual entity. However, as such circumstance is not provable and as such hypothesis is not necessary for the interpretation of the facts, we should not insist on it. The concentration of the experimenter seems to have been enough, as it is in practice to create a condition of “psychic affinity” between the experimenter and the sleeping patient, essential in this kind of experiments.

The same work of Ernesto Bozzano highlights another case, the chapter is entitled “Messages unconsciously transmitted to the Medium by people immersed in sleep” (p. 13) :

Another Case

I extract it from the Rivista di Studi Psichici (1898, p. 14). The case was first published in the authoritative Russian magazine Rebus, being fully documented and confirmed. Mr. K. Gorky writes as follows to the aforementioned magazine :

“Distinguished Lord:
Strongly interested in psychic phenomena, I harbored for many years, with the deep desire to perform practical experiences about them. After a few futile attempts, I managed to finally achieve my goal, forming a “group” with my acquaintances. We did not get physical manifestations, but, instead, developed between us a great psychographer medium with which we managed very interesting manifestations. Moreover, behold, after a month of experiments, there was a case very similar to the one narrated in his booklet: Manifesting the spirit of a missing brother.

Our family consists of my mother, my sister and an older brother, which by virtue of his employment, was traveling in one of the most remote cities in Siberia. As we had need of the baptismal certificate of my sister, which was not located among the family papers, sent a letter to our brother, asking him if, by chance, had put it somewhere.  Days passed without getting any response. We sent a telegram to him and our telegram went unanswered.  However, the day approached that the document absolutely needed to be submitted to the competent authorities, and we eagerly awaited the desired document.

In the evening, we did the usual session but were concerned and distressed by the lack of news of our brother. The mediums pencil ran swiftly over the paper, and received interesting communications. 

Suddenly, the pencil abruptly stopped writing in the middle of a word, and after a minute or so, began to write, but almost unreadable but certainly it was letters. We could not decipher the last few sentences, but when I asked who was the communicating spirit? The medium clearly wrote the name of our brother. An unspeakable astonishment invaded us all, thinking  that he had died and that was why he had not answered the letter or the telegram. We interrupted the session distressed. After a certain time and recovering from the scare, the Medium picked up the pencil again and began to write with the usual speed, drawing a few lines in which we could clearly only read the sentence: The certificate is stored in an internal, secret bin, in my safe. None of us thought of looking for it there; however, as soon as we opened it, we found the desired document at the location indicated in the message.

More than ever embittered and distressed because we thought that communication came from our brother and that he was no longer among the living, we interrupted the session and headed to our bedroom, very sad, with sobs in our throats. The next day, however, the telegraph brought us a very cheerful news. Our brother telegraphed the following: The certificate is stored in an internal, secret bin, my safe.

A few days after we received a letter from our brother informing us all what had happened. When he returned home one night (just the night of the famous session), tired and distressed by not having been able to have written, he called a servant, and sent over the mentioned telegram and then, overcome by fatigue, he lay down and fell into deep sleep. The concerns of the vigil followed him to sleep and he dreamed that he personally had come to give the desired response, which served to calm him.  The dream was so strongly impressed in his memory that in the following day he was certain we had gotten the precious information. 

To have the honor to bring to your attention this case, certainly notable, of psychic communication, I am a guarantor of truth of what I expose and ratify with my signature, which with the signatures of others the witness “(Asst. Kirchdorf Kruitja Gorki. – Government of Saratov – M. Jaroslawzeff, Mrs. E. Jaroslawzeff, N. Jaroslawzeff, K. Martinoff, S. Polatiloff.)..

Returning to Debora’s Case

If so, by logic, not only people in deep sleep, but terminally ill patients in a coma, autism, Alzheimer’s patients, anesthetized, etc. … can also communicate through recordings. I decided to test with this friend Debora. Note: Remember that among our Newsletters, number 26 deals with the case of comatose patients (http://www.ipati.org) and includes voices recorded in a hospital with patients in an intensive treatment unit.


Debora pictured above © IPATI

We scheduled an unusual recording, she (Debora) would plan to sleep there in Ludhiana, and at a determined time “x”, I would start to write, whereas she had been transported by our Spiritual Advisors and was deployed in our laboratry in Sao Paulo.  Previously she sent me a list of questions she would like to know about herself and her past, hoping that out of the limiting consciousness of the brain,  she would find answers to numerous questions.

I also made my list of questions I put to her to answer, of course, asking that special evidence was recorded to be sure whether that communication was possible.

We repeated the experiment five times over the course of a couple of months, with complete success in all of them. Between the previous recordings and recordings with her present (in spirit) they totaled almost 500 responses –  and a lot of information!

This is how we find out who, possibly, she would have been in a previous life, and fully justify the bitter experience that she lives with in the present.


Picture Above of Camilla. Observe the size of her legs and arms. © IPATI

Camila was one of two daughters that fate took from Debora. The first was Vanessa, who died as a baby, and then Camila, the 18-year-old medical malpractice (medical mistake) victim, who also suffered from various diseases and lived in a bed under her mother’s care for several years. No one could imagine that  anything around Deborah would be a simple thing; troubles with her are always major. Camila had not just one but two rare syndromes, Sotos (gigantism) and Marfan – so the girl’s mental development was that of a three years old.

As we will see through the recordings via Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), the strong bond that unites Debora and Camila did not originate in this life, but in a previous life when both committed dramatic acts in the name of Nazism due to being deceived and deluded by the Nazi fantasies

For this reason it is said in the beginning of this narrative to meet Deborah is somewhat surprising because I’ve never seen a case where the “charging” (Karma) from the past is so obvious.

She is a living lesson that everyone should know and to learn, not only the lesson to face the vicissitudes, but to surely know that the “invoice” for payment for deeds may be delayed, but always come due. A warning to the world, a red alarm for all people that you reap what you sow in this life: because, as you can see, the reckoning is inevitable.

When I decided to select some audio from this case and make it an article, I realized one important detail: when I first met her, I thought that she was a terminal patient. With her disease advancing, maybe her outlook was only a few months left to live.  Not so!  She was not so lucky.

Despite the numerous blows that she suffered since I met her (and I did not report those that would be an invasion of her privacy), besides having fallen out of bed several times, her heart has stopped two or three times, she has suffered several seizures and has gone through very serious infections, not to mention hearing voices, etc … she lives to this day. She laughs at herself, because she says the clothes for the funeral have been ready for years … and nothing (happens).

“Bad luck” happens, and she can not seem to get away from it. Not long ago, while she was taking a bath, a tile inexplicably fell off the wall and onto her foot, fracturing her big toe. Her pension was stolen many times.  And she had a period of sharp spiritual persecution where sometimes during the night she could see ugly and bad spirits disturbing her.

Visibly it is all part of the recovery and learning. How many cases do we know of in which a person had a little pain appear out of nowhere, a simple thing, and then they are able to die silently without suffering? In the case of Debora, the more she strives to put an end to so much suffering, life is inexplicably prolonged.

Just the scares and moral crises of family living would be enough  to give a normal person a heart attack; but she is still firm and strong – even living through several suicide attempts.
After keeping track of her day to day life for years I am convinced that only the hypothesis of us being here to effectively pay for our mistakes would justify such a life.

Here are some audio files that I selected from among the nearly 500 recorded with her:
(Original audio files in Portuguese available at the original link HERE)

Sonia: – “Did Camila come too?”
Fernando: – “Yeah sitting here!”
Comment: Considering that for Debora to come (in spirit) from her bed in Contagem, Minas Gerais, spiritual friends should have brought her. I wonder if this group included her deceased daughter, Camila. The presence of the young (child) was confirmed, a fact that would be reinforced later.

Sonia: – “Fernando, was it possible to bring Debora?”
Fernando: – “She’s here!”
Comment: right at the beginning of the recording I ask Fernando, my husband who died in 2005, if it was possible for Debora to go out of body. He confirmed.

Camila: – “And the life together we fulfilled!”
Comment: this response constitutes important evidence of authenticity, because until then I had not made mention of the past, but the girl says that she and her mother have fulfilled the mission / life together. In fact, they suffered together.

Camila: – “Stand!”
Sonia: – “Say a few words to your mother …!
Camila: – “(I) Wait here!”
Comment: daughter gives her mother significant advice, to face her karma with dignity, and ends by saying that she will wait for her arrival after death.

Sonia: – “Can Camila speak a word to Debora?”
Fernando: – “All right on your side!”
Comment: asking Fernando if Camilla could say a few words to her mother, he confirms that his daughter is beside her.

Debora: – “Fine with me there!”
Sonia: – “Have you talked to Mr. German …”
Comment: Debora confirms that Mr. German would be present there.

Debora: – “The hand cannot write!”
Comment: important evidence: in fact Debora could not write by hand for years – she could only type on the computer keyboard with one hand.

Sonia: – “Debora, you wanted to smoke, right?”
Camila: – “Yeah, desperately!”
Comment: important evidence because Debora always smoked a lot, since 14 years old. At the time of this recording she smoked two packs a day.

Sonia: – “(You do not eat) … and still drink coffee!”
Debora: – “Peace!” (English colloquial equivalent: “Chill!”)
Comment: important evidence because it was exactly what she would usually say when someone would tell her that she was drinking too much coffee (about two pots a day) without eating anything else. (food)

Camila: – “And cry!”
Sonia: – “Did you notice that your suffering is related to your past?”
Comment: Here begin the revelations about her past.

Sonia: – “Can you tell (while out of body) Do you understand what has happened to you, what did you do?
Debora: – “And with that pain!”
Comment: confirms that she recognizes that her past carries a lot of weight in the circumstances in which she now lives, the disease from which suffers, and all family problems.

Sonia: – “You’re doing it on purpose (not eating), isn’t that it?”
Voice: – “I ask for coke!”
Comment: her confirmation that she loves Coca-Cola.

Sonia: – “Well Debora, I think what I could do was listen to you …”
Debora: – “We left the friend!”
Comment: draws attention the fact of speaking in the plural “we”. It indicates that she came together in a group and would leave together.

Debora: – “Confirm”
Sonia: – “Did you see Vanessa?”
Comment: Vanessa was her other daughter who is deceased and can be  seen while Debora was out of body.
Debora: – “I’m leaving!”
Sonia: – “OK Debora thank you very much, I hope to have things (in the recording) to help you…”

Sonia: – “Fernando was that for you?”
Debora: – “Got it!”
Comment: My late husband has performed many tasks in support of our work with the deceased. Here it is confirmed that it was him (possibly with more) who sought our friend and brought her in her sleep.

Debora: – “Here they treat for free!”
Comment: unexpected information, namely, that on the Other Side, the treatments are free of charge.

Debora: – “My beloved!”
Sonia: – “Camila has been brought to you?”
Review: Debora’s daughter Camila has always been the pearl of her life. They suffered together and remain united today, in the same way as when the young woman was alive.

Sonia: – “Debora, I hope as much as you to finish soon …”
Debora: – “Relief!”

Debora: – “I can see!”
Sonia: – “They were Jews?”
Comment: important evidence because in some recordings she revealed to have lived under Nazism, and per the clairvoyance of our friend Nilza – Debora would have been Mary Mendel. She would have been responsible for thousands of deaths of Jewish children.

Sonia: – “Have you been in Germany?”
Debora: – “In the name Hitler!”
Sonia: – “Did you send people to the gas chamber there?”
Comment: important confirmation and evidence. Only a life devoted to killing could justify so much suffering and persecution in this incarnation.

Sonia: – “Fernando is with you?”
Debora: – “Yes, and thank you!”

Debora: – “In life, nothing is dismissed!”
Sonia: – “Do you realize if you are going away soon?”
Comment: it seems that this is one of its great lessons, indicating that everything that she has faced in life has its reason and is not wasted.

Sonia: – “Could you say something to identify you?”
Debora: – “Andreia present!”
Comment: important evidence, in fact Andreia, her caregiver was present at this particular time.

Sonia: – “And bye …”
Debora: – “Goodbye …”

SPECIAL Confirmation:

In the recording below the breath of Debora was heard through the bipap machine.  Due to her sickness she had difficulty  breathing, so that she had to use a  ”bipap machine” connected to the oxygen tank.  Possibly, to give her comfort, she was transported (out of the body) to the transmitting station to record with me.  And taken along with her was a dual unit (a “double” or copy), so that she could feel more comfortable.  Or it could have been she was making a big effort to breathe.  Listen:



With this recording we highlight two pieces of significant information:

First, we can reproduce the experience that in the past was done with mediums, ie.  record the communication between living beings.
Second, we find in Debora´s responses written confirmation that whenever you have debts in the past – it is inevitable that you will pay for them.  This was the only possible explanation for Debora’s pains and disgraces.
About thirty years ago, when Transcommunication was blazing a path in our country, some spiritualists were opposed, claiming the unimportance of the phenomena. In fact, they had no idea of how much the technology would evolve in favor of the spirit.

Today with our work supported by rigorous scientific control, we see that the recordings of both voices as images have come to challenge those who do not believe in life after death.

Our Institute IPATI (Institute of Advanced Research in Instrumental Transcommunication) has a collection of thousands of voices and images, many of which have been identified by relatives, bringing them undeniable comfort.

In addition: In our Newsletter 26 (http://www.ipati.org) we demonstrated that its possible to communicate with patients in a coma and now we demonstrate that it is also possible to give a voice to patients who have difficulty with communication in general; we will continue to research including recordings of patients with Alzheimer’s, autistic children, and other disabling diseases.

It will be rewarding to give a voice to those who cannot speak.

Report prepared by
Sonia Rinaldi
March 2013

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