Lost Treasures

Lost Treasures – Can You Help? 

In the course of our work we become aware of rare or outdated material (lost treasures) that are essential to the history of life after death. With a main focus on life after death, and the two most central areas of information we are looking for are relative to Physical Mediumship and Instrumental Transcommunication.

There is nothing more sad to us than to hear about information or materials that have been lost. These materials could be helpful to mankind and in some cases were intended for the education of the public.
In some cases nobody thought of preservation until it was too late. In other cases these items have been kept under lock and key for personal gain. We hope to find and bring these items forward, with your help.

My Guarantee: I will personally ensure that any items procured will be preserved past the extent of my physical life (Keith J. Clark) in a public arena under proper guardianship. I can also affirm that strict confidentiality is guaranteed as to the source. I also guarantee that this information will always be provided free of charge to the public. iDigitalMedium operates as a non-for-profit organization and will attain that official tax exempt status in the future. Currently all expenses are borne by myself and my colleague Ron Ruiz. We are associated with many people and organizations, and if our structure is not to your liking, we know many others that can help in an official capacity. AREI (Afterlife Research and Education Institute) is one of these organizations. ~ Keith

World’s Most Wanted Items Below

#1:   TV show – Rainer Holbe “Unglaubliche Geschichten” 1985 – Klaus Schreiber  RTL 

#2:   Videos of Keith Milton Rhinehart being tested in Japan in 1957 and 1958, and other Keith Milton Rhinehart Materials


Can you Help?

Please contact us [email protected] or privately at [email protected] if you are aware of the existence of any of these materials.

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