Outta Sight, Out of Body: The Fingerprint

By Keith Clark

Photo © Patrick Dalmollen

© Patrick Dalmollen 2014

“They call that gravity” Bruce bellowed in his deep bass voice, with a comical expression alight on his face as he looked at me. I had just told him of my experience that same morning, about three hours earlier. “It was as if my entire body was being held down with even pressure” I told him matter-of-factly. Partially still in shock, I had just come to the conclusion that I had an out of body experience, this was to be my first. Expressing both excitement and confusion, it would take me a couple of weeks to really fully comprehend what had just happened.

Let me start at the beginning. I had gone to bed late, much later than usual, at about 1am or so. We can attribute my late owl proclivities on this weeknight to intense reading and absorption of a very interesting website, none other than that of Mr. Robbert van den Broeke. Known for his uncanny ability to sense when and sometimes where a crop circle would be formed, Robbert has sparked much interest. He has also has shown the ability to both sense and capture images of spirit and other beings on camera, in such a way that defies any known explanation and leaves a person dumbfounded as to how this is taking place. Being an open-minded person, I scoured his website, devouring what information I could to find out more. And then I found his thumbprint.

On his website Robbert has shared a copy of his thumbprint describing how he made it in a trance state while tuned into the God Source and unconditional love, and that it may help people who use it. As a naturally curious fellow, I decided to take the plunge and try it for myself. After downloading the thumbprint to my blackberry as a pdf file, I pressed my thumb against my LED screen and set my good intention as prescribed. Then I put my CPAP mask over my head (used for treatment of sleep apnea) and went to sleep.

It was around 3am – I had been asleep for about two hours and was dreaming. Without giving way to much embarrassment, let’s just say that I began having a dream of the immensely pleasurable sort, the kind you don’t tell your mother about, or anyone else for that matter. Then a very strange thing happened. It began to feel real. Too real. So real that somewhere in my consciousness a part of me was going into shock, thinking “what the…” and I opened my eyes. Above me I could see the ceiling fan and the moonlight reflecting off the rotating blades. But it looked different, there was more light there than I expected, a sort of shimmering energy radiated, somewhat blurry but with a different sense of depth than usual. And then I lifted my head slightly and my eyes turned towards the foot of the bed. That’s when I saw it.

As I peered towards the foot of the bed I saw a shadowy figure, no color, only dark energy, with vague physical features, but enough to see a face. It reminds me of videos of “ghosts” that have been shared on the internet, where the full outline can be seen, but it was much more dense than that. As I looked at this entity, its head came up, looked at me, quickly realizing that I had become aware of its presence. In a flash it turned and disappeared so quickly towards my bedroom door that it was almost as if I had never seen it. Naturally, I was quite concerned, but too surprised to let the feeling sink in. And that was when I realized that I couldn’t move my arms.

A sleep apnea mask doesn’t allow for much sleeping on one’s side, and sleeping on my stomach is out of the question. Often I sleep with outstretched arms, with the purpose being to stretch my neck and back muscles out in such a way as to alleviate stress built up from the day at my computer job. But I couldnt pick my arms up. I was aware of turning my head to look at my arms, but I couldn’t pick them up, and was struggling to do so. When I tried to lift my head up off the bed I couldn’t do that either. Oh, brother. So I laid there, dumbfounded and clueless, staring up at the fan and the strange way in which I was seeing my surroundings. It should have been much darker in the room.

Photo © Patrick Dalmollen

Patrick © Dalmollen 2014

At some point I saw a group of lights, little round fireballs, very small, perhaps about 10-13 of them. I perceived them as being above me and a little to the right. Up away in the distance, far above the fan, the ceiling, the roof, up in the atmosphere I saw another group of lights, which I calculated somehow to be roughly the same number, and somehow sensed that they were “attached” to the lights hovering right above me. My body began to feel as if I was slowly being lifted, something was trying to pick me up. The sense was that it was trying to pick me up about 6 inches above where my body lay and move me away, towards the head of the bed and slightly to my right, but I sensed I was going much farther than just this room. Marveling at these lights I perceived them as maybe being a group of spaceships that were sending a tractor beam and trying to pick me up and take me away. Perhaps they wanted to go have blueberry pancakes at a 24 hour Denny’s, I wasn’t quite sure of anything at that point.

Then the excitement kicked in, I had recently read the Thiaoouba Prophecy and began to think “Oh my God, this is sooooo awesome!” Watching the lights far up in the atmosphere, it seemed that I was definitely destined to become a space voyager, something that would thrill me to no end. My mind began to plan intensely “Ok Keith, you need to pay very close attention to everything, so that you can remember all of it when you come back and write a book. Pay very close attention to every last detail!” I thought to myself “This is what I’ve been waiting for!” And then that vision of those lights way up in the atmosphere began to change. I was seeing trees and foliage, as we were moving, and I focused intently on the scene before me. And what was a full scene with no boundaries suddenly began to form a circle. And those lights were in that circle. And as I focused more and more it began to shrink, from a larger circle, slowly, to a smaller and yet smaller circle. “Oh No” my subconscious mind said, as I suddenly became aware that my focus was exactly what was making it grow smaller and smaller. It kept shrinking, and I was peering through this circle as if I were looking through a tunnel that was getting smaller and smaller. I desperately kept trying to look deeper and deeper into this circle, viewing what appeared to be fast moving trees and land, as if I were flying over these objects. And the circle slowly closed until it was no more. I knew that I had closed it, my analytical mind has ruined it. Dang it!

Photo Copyright Patrick Dalmollen

© Patrick Dalmollen 2014

As I lay there, I turned my head towards the clock to my right. It was 3 something. I don’t know what just happened, but I feel as if I had missed out on a grand opportunity. Gazing at the ceiling fan I noticed that the energy of the light I had perceived had faded, and all that was left was the pale moonlight bouncing off the fan blades. I lifted my head up, and picked my arms up. For some reason I was no longer bound. The adventure was over. It seemed I was awake, but there was absolutely no perceptible shift from these events and when I realized everything was back to normal. There was no “OK, this is really a dream, and I thought I woke up, but now I need to wake up from this dream.” I never encountered any perceptible change of consciousness whatsoever.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I told Bruce (my roommate and friend) this story when I woke up at 6:10am. He was up early to prepare some writing, if I recall correctly. As he said “They call that gravity” I came to the realization that nothing was holding me down, I was not in my physical body! That explained why I couldn’t pick my head up off the bed and move my arms. It also explained the things I saw and experienced (well, some of them anyway) and seemed to make a lot of sense. I just had my first out of body experience.

While it was an amazing experience, I had questions. What was that entity that was hovering over me? If it was a good entity, why did it run away so fast? Surely if it was good, it would have had no reason to leave, right? And what were the lights about? And why did I have this experience, my first and only to date, hours after touching Robbert’s thumbprint? Was the thumbprint the cause? Much contemplation came to pass, and after a period of time I began to understand. Yes, it was certainly somewhat frightful to have a dark being look up at me as if it was feeding off my energy and then suddenly split as if it somehow realized I was Coyote Ugly. No goodbye kiss?

Here’s the conclusion I finally came to. If my intuition says that this spirit was likely up to no good, then it probably wasn’t. I calculated that from the Houdini act as I became aware of it. But what was the outcome? It seems I was awakened, and I was protected from this being. Judging by the look on its face it became more afraid of me once I became aware of it, and decided to vamoose out of there. Did the thumbprint cause this effect? Well, I still don’t know, but after moving past the fear of uneducated misunderstanding I now have to say that I am thankful for being awakened and freeing myself of potentially harmful energy. I am blessed.

Photo Copyright Patrick Dalmollen

© Patrick Dalmollen 2014

It is important to note that this is an extremely accurate factual account of a deeply personal nature. I share it with the hopes that maybe it will help someone understand, should they encounter anything similar. I have absolutely no fear in this conscious mind of “dark” or negative energies, I practice the thought of “If I don’t feed their energy with negative energy and fear, they can do me no harm whatsoever.” If my vibration is raised and remains so, for the most part I consider myself impervious and invisible to most attacks, and I’m sticking to my story. In no way should this story invoke fear or sensationalism with the intent to fit into the boxed thinking that everything we don’t understand should be feared. Personally, I am not afraid and never will be, but it takes some time for the conscious mind to propagate its beliefs and understandings to the other parts of the mind, or perhaps it’s the other way around. No negative connotations whatsoever should be made between Robbert’s thumbprint and my experience. If anything, he helped me, and for that I thank him.

For me, I still sleep with my arms outstretched, delightfully awaiting my next experience. 3 or 4 times since this experience I have become aware of my third eye re-learning to see – thats what the circle that slowly closed was. I’ve seen it a few times in meditation and in sleep, and am slowly teaching myself not to focus on it too much, or it simply goes bye-bye. And this is the story of “Outta Sight, Out of Body: The Thumbprint”

For those of you wishing in good faith to visit Robbert’s site with an open mind and heart – devoid of fear, superstition, and stereotype – please visit it here. You can find the thumbprint on the top right of the page. And if you have your own experience, and it is of a positive expression that can help others understand the beauty of spirit and connection, then consider sharing it with us.

We must note that sensationalized fear is the antithesis of what our mission is here at iDigitalMedium, we only have use for material that can help others, share personal experiences, and lead one to wonder “how can and do I connect with my spirit within?”

***This personal story is the expression of the view of Keith J. Clark and is in no way associated with nor representative of the opinion of any individuals or entities described in this article. Please share with love and compassion. This article may not be reproduced.

Have you had your own Out of Body Experience? Or perhaps another experience that can help other people understand the world beyond, expressed in a positive light, with the intention of connecting the world as a whole through shared experiences? Can your story help someone else understand and connect with their spirit within? We’d love to share it. Drop us a line.

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