article 4: The Next Chapter

It’s been almost two months since my last article, and a lot has changed. A lot is always changing. To follow up from the last article, I have not yet heard from the person that I did an experiment for. At least, not specifics on whether or not any of the “answers” to questions were “hits” or not.

Time flies…so fast. It’s as if I hit the fast forward button on the VCR. Let’s see if I can summarize.

Sometime about 2 months ago I did my first stream live to Facebook. It was actually a live stream of my dog, Sasha – to the internet while I was at work for the day. It was the first time I had done a live stream – but after I found out how it was done, it naturally rolled on over into my work with spirit. Since then I have now done at least 5 live events – with some being up to 5 hours in length! And this is after a full 8 hour day at work, 2 hours driving, and taking care of our newest family member Sasha.

I’ve LIVE streamed how to filter voices out of rain, cellular phone digital noise, electrical noise created by an AC adapter – as well as a personal “massager.” I’ve demonstrated the low frequency process, technique and results, as well as spectrograph images and “Stage 1” audio filtering. And every time I live streamed…I noticed something.

There was a direct and lingering effect of energy on the “stream” (my radio) after each event. So much so that it quickly became evident that LIVE streaming was good for the energy- which is why I continued it. More specifically, it was good for my energy – as well as those attending. that energy, in turn, has am effect on the radio. At first I was just hearing a word or two. By September 3rd I was hearing full phrases and repeating them back to my friends in spirit. I was elated! September 7th was my birthday and I was in New York city for the first time. Every chance I had I would listen to the stream from my cell phone. By the time I came back on 8th the energy had faded slightly. I was, after all – exhausted.

Then somewhere in the midst of feeling like I was suddenly becoming clairvoyant and the continued “energetic” success of the LIVE streams it was decided to finally move forward with the Worldwide Meditation. It was planned and Gretchen began creating it early in September. Now we are 5 days away…and boy have things changed. I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet!

Yesterday I was tuning Stream 3 (low frequency) for someone I know to listen to, as I had sent them an email. When I was done I went back to listening to stream 1. It was Sunday, and had been a good weekend so far – my girlfriend got me a very nice haircut and deep tissue massage – so things were pretty good. As I sat there listening to stream 1, radio “crossover” or “bleedthrough” occurred.

We have been hearing “crossover” for at least 6 months now, and now I can explain it. I call it that because at some point in time there was a frequency shift in the radio and we began to hear a foreign language radio station. Someone on Facebook identified it as Spanish. So over the last 9 months or so, every time I hear this shift I refer to it in documentation as “Crossover” or “Bleedthrough.” My summary, up until this point in time was that it was definitely Spanish, but also definitely likely caused by the influence of people in spirit. I defined it as “people in spirit influencing the energy, which caused a frequency shift of a radio station. When they shifted that radio station they “rode on top” of the wave of energy and spoke English – on top of Spanish.” Last night – everything changed.

I must keep this short, unfortunately, but need to hit on a few more small items. From what I could hear, people in spirit were talking about a variety of things – all being in my surrounding environment. It was like I had suddenly found a way to “eavesdrop” on them. It did not seem that questions were able to be answered directly. It was more like they knew what I was feeling, thinking, and everything going on around me. One of the topics of conversation was, of course, mediumship. I heard many, many comments such as: he doesn’t even know…he’s doing it backwards…he hasn’t accepted…he knows he’s a psychic…etc. It was very clear to me that the people in spirit were commenting on my mindset – and for some reason, somehow, they felt that I was holding up the process. I knew what they meant, but had no idea what to do about it. They meant that I had the ability to conduct mediumship without the radio, but that I was using the radio because it was more comfortable. Somewhere in this process I had not yet accepted one simple, yet quite important fact…

At approximately 6pm on this Sunday afternoon as I was listening to stream 1 I heard a strange noise. Naturally, I make note of any strange event. Here is the file:

So now they had my attention. It gets a little blurry at this point because of the change in my energy. After I noticed this I began to hear “crossover” events on the radio. I heard English in them. And I heard it Live. Please note that interpretations are always subject to a certain margin of error. I am sharing this for historical purposes as part of a personal experience, not for interpretation or validation. I am only telling a story, a true story.


Clip Above: “Link us up Keith, you are identifying with it.”

What? I said, hmmm – OK, are you saying that I’m helping to cause these events? Let me listen further then.

Phrase in Clip Above: “Now you have to listen”

Ok, you’ve got my attention! What’s going on here? Somewhere in here I start to suspect – “Wait! I am now acknowledging that perhaps my energy is affecting the radio in this way!”

Phrase in Clip Above: “Notate……that we are happy”

They’re beginning to tell me that they want their message conveyed to the world that they are fine, and happy. That death is only a transition from one state of existence to another.
As I sit there, enthralled by the events I’m seeing before me, I begin to accept that perhaps – just perhaps – this is how my mediumship will develop. Through these crossover events. I tell them I am going to need some help. I am more than willing to do what I can, but in a sense – I don’t know what I am doing.

Phrase in Clip Above: “We’ll eventually send you people to help you….you’re starting to hear the truth…it is because your passion… “


Phrase in Clip Above: “Help you…you need to find an instructor”

And then….this next one is the one that got me. All ego aside, I was quite surprised to hear something such as this with clarity. Hearing it emboldened me more with confidence. It was not “news”, as it were – it is no secret that I have been groomed for the last ten years by spirit to perform the work I came here to do.

Phrase in Clip Above: “You’re about to be a leader.”

At this point, I was excited. Very much excited. As my wife walked into the house I began to tell her what had happened, and asked her to sit with me. I showed her the audio clips above and said “If this is true then I should be able to affect the radio.” And so my first official mediumship session began. In the picture below, each spike is a crossover event. At first we sat and held hands. And focused. Then, when we achieved results, we continued. We did this for two hours.

When playing songs I asked my wife what song she would like. The second one was “Clair de Lune” by Debussy. “Come again?” I asked. Why that song? Why, out of all of the songs in the world, did you pick that song? I don’t even l know it. She explained that she had always loved it.

Some of you may recall the “tones” sent on Stream 1 – the mysterious, unknown radio signal. One person on Facebook had said “that sounds a little like Clair de Lune”. I sat there in wonder, and amazement – mouth wide open. Did it mean anything? To me it did.

It was a “signal”…a “road sign”…a “marker”, a “chapter.” It signaled the day that I began to believe in myself – to believe that I had the ability to develop as a medium.

This was my first real mediumship session. I am soooo looking forward to the worldwide meditation next Saturday!

After 3-4 hours of working with radio, I called it quits for the night. (About 10pm). Before I did, all of a sudden there was a new sound coming from the radio. Low Frewuency. On and Off. Lots of it, consistent. Very low.

And I knew, as I always know, deep down inside when these things happen…..that we had built up the energy to a point where our friends in spirit were using it to try and produce pictures in sound. this is what we will try to do for the event next week.


Keith7-2016SmallMy name is Keith and I’m the creator of the ITC Bridge and iDigitalMedium websites. My passions are music and the expression of creativity in all areas of life – with a special emphasis on life AFTER death, communication with spirit, and development of mediumship. New challenges excite me. Breaking ground and forging into the unknown is one of my favorite pastimes. As I share my journey of learning about myself I hope to help others also – to learn about the world we live in and the worlds we wish to understand. Feel free to comment below, or contact me at any time.


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