7 Ways We Can Help Bring Life After Death Into The 21st Century

by Keith J. Clark

debutantAs we look at the world around us today, we see evidence of change. What was acceptable 50 years ago is now looked upon as horrendous. What was acceptable 10 years ago is seen by many as barbaric. And what was acceptable yesterday may not be socially acceptable tomorrow. How has the landscape of the field of Life After Death changed? Has it changed? Are we doing all that we can to ensure that we are representing people in spirit fairly? Are we helping or hurting the field by the actions we take? This article is an inspired writing that is mostly expressive of my personal outlook in regards to the field of ITC. After all, I cannot speak for others. As you read this article you will know what rings true for you. As you read this I ask that you have an open mind as I share seven things that I have seen that I feel we could improve on.

Here are: 7 Ways We Can Help Bring Life After Death Into The 21st Century

Ghosts are People Too
(This is the only instance of the word “Ghost” that can likely be found on this website unless referencing someone else’s website. It is, and always has been – a deliberate action on our part.)
While we can’t define that all intelligent life forms are “human” (we have much to learn!) we do know that most EVP appears to be from “humans.” They speak our language and seem to be interested in many of the same things that we are. So lets focus on them for a moment. The term “Ghost” has dehumanized the people in spirit we communicate with. It carries many connotations with it, and most of these are not positive. How often do you hear someone say “Oh, a nice ghost gave me a wonderful message today!” or “My ghost team works with me so we can demonstrate that our personalities live on after death.” We’re still using terminology from times when the general populace had no clue that people could communicate with us from the other side. We can no longer feign ignorance. We update our terminology as a society when we evolve in the areas of race, gender, and sexual preference – why do we still label people on the other side with a term that is as archaic as the earth being flat? I’m not saying reinvent the dictionary, but using this term for people in spirit we willingly communicate with is no longer appropriate. There is a distinction. Ghost is a very broad term that emanates superstition, fear, and mystery – and does not indicate a loving, compassionate intelligence – and therefore should not be applied to people working with spirit using ITC. Period.

Get Hyped for the Right Reasons
It is perfectly normal and healthy to get excited about things. The question is – why does communication with spirit excite us? If it’s about becoming startled or scared, and having that next story to brag to our friends about – lets ask ourselves: what did we take away from that experience and what did we give back? Let’s say we’re walking in a city down an alley and we turn a corner and are startled by a person that appears in a shadowy, dark corner. They scared the wits out of us! As it turns out in this example – that person is homeless. They feebly try to speak to us but we don’t realize they are talking to us and we didn’t hear them or understand what they were saying. We walk on, and later we meet up with our friends and tell them this amazingly scary story about how we ran across a homeless person in a dark alley. Now – did we help that person, or did we have a good laugh at their expense? Only there’s one difference: we didn’t know the homeless person was going to be there, but we do know that the people in spirit are there – wherever we go. And we know they are talking to is.

Rather than getting hyped about camp-fire stories – wouldn’t it be better for us to get hyped about what we’re doing to help bring knowledge to the world? There are so many opportunities for growth, invention, and creativity in the field of ITC. In fact, it often seems like every invention ever made and used in the public arena can be applied in a brand new way towards communication with spirit. This means the ideas and inventions are literally endless

What will be better to tell our grandchildren when we’re old and gray – that we once saw a “ghost”, or that we were involved in the evolution and changing of the world by taking part first-hand? That the world they live in then is so because we helped make it so? Why is a scary story better to tell than a story of communicating across worlds apart? Is it because it’s more believable? Perhaps. However, we are the front line – the second generation of researchers and experimenters – here, now. What we do today counts, and each and every person is responsible for their own actions, contributions, and evolution. 

Accept Everyone
It is perfectly natural for each and every individual to have a different life experience, and therefore – different opinions. It doesn’t matter who we do or don’t agree with, every person here is playing their role. Do we call the tiger a monster when he preys upon a zebra, or do we see it as the natural order of things? Are bees beautiful because they pollinate our food, or are they horrendous because they can sting us and hurt us? If life and people are viewed in this way, it is as beautiful as nature. Any energy spent criticizing another person’s opinion is energy wasted. Let’s ask ourselves: How many minds are really changed by criticism?  On the other hand, if we feel compelled to demonstrate that a different viewpoint is more beneficial, then we can do so as part of our own path. This route will always have more impact. The world is built on difference of opinion. We are here to live our own lives, and make it as beautiful a work of art as we can. And every life is a work of art. 

Is it Paranormal or Normal to You?
You don’t have to be involved in ITC to know that the word “paranormal” is associated with entertainment, hype, and sensationalism. Continuing to use paranormal to describe something that is rather common-place to many of us is now perhaps misleading, and contributes to the continued propagation of the stereotype of the word. It indicates nothing has changed since the creation of the term, we have not evolved, and we don’t understand that people in spirit communicate with intention and focus. It is still a mystery. But many of us know this is not true. If it is a mystery call it paranormal, but if it is understood then call it what it really is – communication with spirit. People. Communication with people. Non-physical people

基本 CMYK“Capture” This!
When a person says that they “captured” an EVP or a picture, it implies that they had to hunt down this item they “captured” – which in turn also implies that people have to go somewhere in search of this elusive catch. It is commonly known that there are different planes of vibration, and often people in a vibration higher than ours can be perceived in our vibration, and we can see or hear them. That’s pretty much the ABC’s of ITC. The definition of “Capture” by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is as follows: A:The act of taking and holding someone as a prisoner or of being taken as a prisoner. B:The act of getting control of something.  When we record a video of a family member’s birthday party, do we say “I captured it” or “I recorded it”? Do we say that our voicemail captured someone’s message, or that it was recorded? ITC is known as the specific intent of someone in this vibration and someone in a higher vibration working together for a specific purpose. If the term “capture” is used in relation to work with spirit it generally strips away all sense of intelligence and motive – for we cannot capture something that was given to us on purpose, can we?

Nix the word “Impossible” 
If we think of something, it already exists in our minds; therefore, we have already created it, and it is possible. Many great inventions were thought of as impossible before they were possible. In truth, there is nothing that is truly impossible. So when we see things that we perceive as incredible, miraculous, or simply highly unlikely – we should never judge them as being impossible. Use of the word implies non-acceptance of the fact that we live in a world that is partially shaped and formed by our own thoughts. Which do you think is more likely – that more things were created by people thinking they were impossible…..or possible? Does the first person to ever successfully do anything ever think that it was truly impossible? When we look to the future we need to be open-minded and accept that thinking things are possible is the first step in actually making them possible

Share Responsibly
Every single one of us has gained knowledge from someone else. Many of us started out by reading the work of pioneers in this field. Friedrich Jürgenson. Konstantin Raudive. Sarah Estep. George Meek. Marcello Bacci. And so many more! I can tell you one thing – if WORLDITC.org had not been created by Mark Macy and Rolf-Dietmar Erhardt – there would likely never have been an ITC Bridge or iDigitalMedium. It is the selfless act of giving and the tireless work of pioneers and leaders that has paved the way for all of us here now. If not for the wealth of knowledge shared by those before us, where would we be?  In turn, each one of us then has the same responsibility to preserve our history and share the knowledge brought to our attention by others. If the effort had not been taken to preserve this data it would have risen and fallen into obscurity. Our work is not just for us now, it is for our children and the generations to come. No one person can change the world single-handed; and by working together we can ensure that the world will continue to awaken to the truth of the continuation of life after death. Together we can, and are…making a difference.

This is a brief inspired article that has been in the queue for months now. I was inspired to finish it when I saw today’s publication of Jennifer Carter’s article entitled Ghost Hunting for Thrills is Tactless And Cruel.

It is time for us to take responsibility for our own actions – as well as the effect of those actions on both physical and non-physical people alike. For what we do affects ourselves, our society, and the world.

Do you agree or have a difference of opinion? Share it in the comments below! We welcome open intelligent and courteous conversation!

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