Some ideas about the way ITC works

by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt

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Editor’s Foreword: It has been almost 17 years since this article was written and published on – a website considered by many to be the foundation of all things regarding Instrumental Transcommunication (in the English language). I recently came across this article on Facebook and was struck by how relevant it still is in today’s community, if not more so, as it was when it was first published. The need for teamwork and resonance among researchers is never greater than now. We are currently stepping into a new era of understanding and evolution regarding communication with spirit – and we must do so with the knowledge gained by those who have led us here. Mr. Ehrhardt has provided an enormous contribution to the community over the years – many people do not know that his name rests at the bottom of many of the website pages of along with Mark Macy. We would not be where we are today if not for the selfless service of these two gentlemen, and for that we thank them.

For anyone who has not read this article and is serious about either researching or pursuing communication with people in spirit via ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) – we consider this to be a required read.

~Keith J. Clark

After studying the ITC phenomena since 1986, I have come to the following conclusions about it (let me start with some facts):

Since EVP was first discovered by Jürgenson, it has not become much louder, nor much clearer, nor of significantly longer duration. Even in the beginning, some people could get loud and clear voices from beyond. These people did not use amplifiers, IR- or UV-light or other additional equipment, but only a recorder and microphone. Quality and duration of voices varied very much from person to person and from time to time. People who were seriously interested in the phenomenon and continued to experiment, very often got tips from beyond on how to modify their equipment or themselves (by meditation) or even the room’s interior. Sometimes they were advised from beyond not to collaborate with certain people.

To my knowledge people who experimented successfully (who got really good voices from beyond) but who were unknown to each other, did not develop identical equipment. In most cases each contactee had his own devices. When a person or a group of people had “developed” a system or set of components which worked well, others started to copy that arrangement in order to get more frequent and better EVP. However, most of the results showed that individuals using the copied devices could not improve their EVP. I know that as a matter of fact.

Consider the computer contacts. You can see that it needs obviously more than just hardware and software to get in contact with the beings beyond. Otherwise mankind would have thousands and even millions of contacting people in cities all over the world. There are millions of computers with the same software. It is easy to buy identical computers with identical software. That is not the way to increase the number of contacts. The situation with reference to the contacts by telephone is even more extreme compared to that with computers. There are so many telephones and telephone responders all over the world. Why do we not have many more telephone contacts??

It needs more than just equipment to get in contact with beings beyond! It takes the right individual. If you study reports from successfully working contacters you will find out that all of them have mediumistic capabilities or are even a medium – although they may not even know it or want to admit it.

After all my research I came to the following conclusion:

Resonance determines whether we can get in contact with the beings beyond, and, even more, it is a decisive factor as to whether the beings beyond are able and willing to get in contact with us.

Let me please explain what I mean. At the end of this explanation I hope to show why ITC phenomena take place, why they change in duration and in quality and, of course, why they end.

Most of us know from school what resonance is. I would like to broaden that explanation:

We call that condition that touches us somehow–when something lets us vibrate–“resonance”. How can I be touched? Of course, through the means of my five senses. But there is something else: even thoughts (from myself) and perceptions (my own or expressed by others) can touch me, can let me vibrate.

You need at least two systems to produce resonance. Both systems should be able to be touched by something or someone in order to go into vibration. For resonance the vibrations should match.

Let us take a look at the two systems that we are concerned with, and see how they could get into resonance. There is one system which is in this world, and that system consists of the human being in his or her environment, and there is another system beyond our world.

What determines how the system on earth is structured?

Let us look at its components:

  1. the person, with the body and thoughts (hopes, wishes, fears, motivations, perceptions, attitudes, difficulties, and so on)
  2. the technical equipment, used by that person or group of persons
  3. the environment, the furnished rooms

All those components together result in a certain “energy field”. As you know, human components are not stable, in fact they change often (too often) very quickly. Such changes can be caused by the person concerned, or they can just “happen”. In either case, what is (in my opinion) the most important component — the “energy field” — changes too often. Only training can minimize that effect. Let me say it again: in my opinion the human component is the largest part of and has the greatest influence on that mixture of energetic components. Of course the environment and the equipment used play their part too. We know that the person will be influenced by the environment. The person creates the environment. That small example shows that all components depend on each other – which makes the situation even more difficult.

What does the system beyond consist of?

Most contacts will be made to “persons” who recently died or have been dead for years. We assume that “dead people” are not more intelligent or wiser than they were on earth. If we want to get in contact with beings that are relatively higher or finer in vibration (ethereal beings), then they have to “transform” their energy to a lower level so that they can get in contact with us using other beings of lower or denser vibration.

The result is:

When we want to get in contact with beings beyond we have to get in resonance with them and they have to get in resonance with us. That contact can take place when the resonance matching occurs by having similar “energy fields” or “energetic structures”, through similar interests for example.

We have heard that beings in beyond often have problems to get through to the experimenter on earth. Beings that are not so “close” to earth anymore (because of the change in consciousness) will have problems to get in contact to people on earth because they have an energy-field that can not get in resonance to us. One can compare it in the following way: you can not receive with a radio AM-receiver (the human on earth) the messages transmitted on FM (the being beyond). Both waves (stages of consciousness) exist, but there is no resonance possible.

If a person is frightened then the person attracts beings from beyond that are happy to scare him or her. For example, such beings may be working with suppression and threats and not with love and hope. The degree of development that a contacter on earth has (and that would include wisdom, knowledge, education, attitude …) determines the type of being in the beyond that he gets in contact with.

Contact with beings beyond can only take place when there is an identical or similar “energy field” on both sides. If some or many people join a group that is working successfully, the “energy field” will be changed. That change can strengthen or weaken the “energy field” of the group depending on the “energetic structure” of the people joining. The result can be in the worst case that no contact is possible to that known group of beings beyond, or it may happen that the newly expanded group on earth gets in contact with unknown beings. Why?

The energetic fields are different now. There is no resonance possible and that means there is no contact achievable. To avoid those situations one should ask the beings beyond whether the new members fit. If people do not fit in that group this does not mean that those people are bad. Only that the “energetic structures” are different.

Another example of the influence of the human component would be a case where contacts cease. What is the reason? Human beings change as time goes by, they evolve, they learn. That means the human component changes and that will be followed by a change of the “energetic field” and that results in a missing resonance with the beings beyond. Very often the “people from the other side” give information about how to modify the equipment, what should be changed in the rooms used and how to rearrange the contacters group on earth. With the new “vibrating system” on earth – the evolved persons, the changed or extended equipment in modified rooms the conditions of resonance are now fulfilled and the contacts continue.

I conclude:

  1. to copy the equipment of other people makes sense only very seldom (because of the resonant condition)
  2. the human part of the defined “energetic field” is much more important than the other parts (knowing that all components depend on each other)
  3. individuals who are interested in a serious manner in ITC/EVP should develop mentally and spiritually. Changes and improvements of the other components of the “energetic field” (equipment and environment) will be suggested by the beings beyond.

We should not forget that ITC/EVP involves two partners.

We all know from our own experiences that contacts between us and other dimensions are possible. ITC/EVP offers the opportunity to reach people on earth that are not yet interested in that type of “knowledge”.

If there is interest in scientifically confirming the communication among dimensions of reality, here is a possible way:

  • We have to look for a medium or a person that is at least mediumistic that is emotionally and materially independent. This means that person should be unaffected by whether the experiences are successful or not. If that person needs public recognition or demands money, or needs to be sponsored (that means more money than is needed to cover the expenses – not living expenses), then it is not the right person. There is always the possibility that such a person could “influence” a lack of results due to money and/or image problems. That person should be interested in confirming ITC/EVP.
  • All people involved should use a prepared list of questions.
  • Opinion-leaders in some countries should be encouraged to ask questions. Group leaders of EVP/ITC groups are for example opinion leaders. In that way they might become co-workers at a later stage!? All people involved should have no ego-problems, have to mention their motivation and have to prove it if requested. It does not matter whose ideas will be realized and who raised an idea. Perhaps it is possible to define a working basis which can be used by almost all of us.

Researchers who really like to make scientific investigations into ITC should have to meet certain requirements:

  • They should know where they stand. What is their opinion about ITC and TransCommunication in general and what kind of motivation are they pushed by? The mentioned workgroups with the questions raised can be a help.
  • They must know what they want. It is not enough to say that one likes to do and to know everything. It has to go step by step because there is also a change in thinking involved.
  • People must be willing to spend time and effort.

We can do all that alone in our free time, and then there is still more to consider before working efficiently and well together:

  • People must be willing to share their knowledge with others without restrictions. They should co-operate in order to avoid double-work. The fact that in one part of the world “new and exciting” results are achieved with “new discovered” methods while in other parts of the world those phenomena have been well known for 16 years indicates that more cooperation would be desirable.
  • The goals are important and not the individual or the group involved. Take a look in the workgroup chapter and you will see the different goals, and that means also certain motivations.
  • Competition among researchers to get the best voices, to get the best pictures more often than other groups is counterproductive in our field, because that behavior leads to all the bad situations ITC researchers have been dealing with for years. If there is no trust, no belief in the work of others, then we will not be very successful.

By the way: referring to machines like “energy-transformers”, have you ever heard of two human beings getting the same information from beyond about how to build such a machine? My opinion is that the resonance conditions differ from person to person and that’s why the machines are different!

Author: Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt
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