Unsung Heroes – Jack Andrews

Unsung Heroes – Jack Terrence Andrews – The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust

Jack Terrence Andrews created The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Facebook page and YouTube channel to share recordings never heard before of sessions held with the great direct voice medium, Leslie Flint. These tapes would probably have been lost to the world if not for Jack’s timely restoration and preservation efforts. Now Jack is focusing on ways to share these wonderful messages. Over the last few years Jack has added rare interviews and articles about Leslie Flint to his Facebook page and YouTube channel. How this all came about is a fascinating story and one that we feel will inspire others to focus on preserving and sharing these treasures, many of which have yet to be restored and preserved.

When did you first become interested in physical mediumship?

In about 2006 or so I discovered some Leslie Flint recordings online. I listened to them and found them very interesting, informative and honest. I had been interested in the afterlife since I was very young. What appealed to me about the Leslie Flint recordings was that they seemed very positive and spoke often of loving kindness, service to others, and that the communications and the sittings were “in love and harmony.” I researched more about Leslie Flint online and eventually found “The Leslie Flint Educational Trust” website. I located a contact email for Reverend Larry Taylor, the head of the Trust at that time. I emailed him and asked how the communications came about and he described the story to me, relating that Leslie sat often (several times a week) for over 50 years and that most of the sessions were recorded on reel to reel tapes and then later cassette tapes. I asked him why there were not more recordings online. He said that the Trust had a limited budget and when they looked around for services/businesses that could transfer tapes to digital files, those services were very expensive, more than the Trust could afford. He told me that there were hundreds of tapes that were stored in a tunnel between the Leslie Flint Educational Trust Building and the London Spiritual Mission. They were kept in a temperature-controlled environment and he was looking to have them transferred. He was worried that the tapes would be lost to the world forever through disintegration and something had to be done immediately to save the collection.  I told him that I knew how to transfer audio to digital files, from my multimedia experience with art and my own music and that I might be able to help them out as a volunteer. Larry suggested I first read Leslie’s book “Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium.” He mailed a copy to me and I read it. That was when I first heard the term “physical mediumship.” I found Leslie, his circle and the whole experience to be very honest, the recordings genuine, positive and good for the world. That is why I decided to help transfer the recordings. Larry Taylor and I then set up Skype for video chats and we went ahead with plans for me to help transfer tapes to digital audio for the Trust web site.

Without Larry Taylor none of this would have ever come about and he remains relatively unknown to many who listen to the tapes. He would be humble about this (he is now crossed over himself)… but I want to acknowledge him and thank him for all his years of work to save the tapes and I hope you all will too. He talks about his life experience with Leslie HERE.

Can you tell us how the decision came about for the tapes to be made available to the public via your New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Facebook Page and YouTube Channel instead of posting them on The Leslie Flint Educational Trust website?

When the head of the Trust, Reverend Larry Taylor, crossed over into the spirit worlds, the well known British sculptor, (and wonderful person) Corin Johnson, became the new head of the Trust. Corin asked me if I was interested in working on the Trust website, as the current webmaster became unavailable due to private health issues. I told Corin that, while I knew how to build websites, I was not as proficient in website authoring as I was in multimedia art. I also told Corin that I do not enjoy building websites (too much “code” and not enough art for me) and that I could best help the Trust and to bring more tapes to a wider audience through my multimedia skills. Corin’s philosophy for the communication tapes was that the wider the audience, the better and the easier the access to them and they were free. I agreed completely with that and suggested a YouTube channel would be a “very” accessible way to bring the tapes to a much wider audience. YouTube has become very popular and people watch it on their TVs. I also suggested to him that my background as a lifelong artist familiar and proficient in multimedia, art, video editing and sound (composing digital music) would make setting up a YouTube channel very easy, especially since I already had a one.

I also realized, since the beginning of this work around 2006-7 that I was being “guided” by spirit people (most likely the Leslie Flint communicators themselves) and receiving lots of help from them to do this work, so I knew it would be easier than normal to do the YouTube channel.  Larry Taylor (a mental medium himself) had discussed this aspect of “help” with me, on several occasions using Skype video chat, assuring me that he was certain I would get plenty of assistance from spirit people with the project. He was correct and they even helped my wife and I with daily life. Whenever anything would appear to get in the way of the tapes project, the current “problem” would seem to vanish for us and the way to continue work on the tapes would be cleared. I am certain they were helping us. So …. I went ahead and started on the YouTube channel. Even when I went to purchase what could have been expensive video editing software I had a realization that if I bought it on Amazon and it was a few years older, the price would be dropped dramatically from a few hundred dollars to twenty five dollars for new 2013 (older version) totally legal new video editing software.

The spirit people also helped me to first find a suitable reel to reel machine for British tapes (which are different than U.S. reel to reels.) The Trust offered to buy a tape reel to reel machine for me and asked me if I could find one. I started looking through newspaper classified ads and Craiglist/Ebay. I contacted a man here in Tucson, Allan Wosely, who had placed a Craigslist ad for reel to reel machines he had for sale. Allan Wolsey (now crossed over himself) was the person I contacted about the tape machines in Craigslist. I am absolutely certain I was guided by spirit people to meet him as it turned out he was an expert on reel to reel tape machines and had a house full of old machines and all kinds of other electronics. I would venture to say he probably could qualify as a world expert on all things electronic, especially reel to reel tape machines. He and I instantly became good friends and he took me on a tour of his house, a virtual museum of electronics and reel to reel machines. We talked so much he forgot about his sale and instead ended up giving me expert advice on buying the only type machine (a three speed) that could have the correct speed for the various British tapes I would encounter (and did). With his guidance I ended up buying the perfect machine for British tapes, a Sony three speed “Solid State Stereo 230” It also turned out that Allan himself and his partner had a resident “ghost” in their home and Alan was extremely interested in the Leslie Flint communications as he had heard of them. He ended up giving me excellent lessons on what machine to buy on Ebay for the Trust and how to completely overhaul and keep the machine running perfectly, lubrication, adjustments, and such during the entire project. Considering how rare Allan’s skills were (and his collection … along with knowledge of reel to reel machines) … and how much he contributed to the project, I am certain it was no accident meeting him. This kind of help from the other side happened all throughout the project. I hope this story helps your community to better understand the dedication of the Leslie Flint spirit people to get this information (tapes) out to the world and how everyone involved, including your organization, has a connection with the entire project. I have always told people that these tapes are not about me but about a much greater purpose.

We are curious about a related story we’ve heard about some 120 “Woods-Greene” Leslie Flint recordings. Were you involved in that effort? Do you know where one would go to listen to (or read) them?

Some of those were already on the Internet but I did transfer better quality recordings from original reel to reels of the Woods/Greene tapes. I still have some here. So I was involved in transferring many of them in better quality and some longer than what was already on the Internet, many of them are on the YouTube Channel I setup. But I did not list them as specific to Woods Greene although the “read-me” will say that they are Woods Greene. In other words, I did not make a category for them specifically. If you go to the YouTube channel you will hear Betty Greene talking about the tapes and explaining direct voice. I had that tape default to open automatically. If you have not heard that I highly recommend it.  Here is a tape I recently scanned; you can see what the originals looked like HERE.

Is the conversion work completed; if not, how much further does it have to go?


the work is not complete. There are literally thousands of these recordings out there, many in people’s homes … as Leslie shared them freely over 50 years.

Is there anything you and your friends in Spirit or your colleagues working for the cause of Spirit would like to share with our community?

Yes, all I ask for my part in the work, and the spirit contributors ask the same, is for people to listen to the tapes. That is the single most important aspect of all this work, that people actually take the time to listen. Thank you for the opportunity to say that as it is the single most important thing to me and to them.

You can visit The New Leslie Flint Educational Foundation Facebook page HERE

You can visit The New Leslie Flint Educational Foundation YouTube channel HERE

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