The Symmetric Metric: ITC Using Water, Light, and Symmetry

by Rev. H.P Orion Silverstar

Over the years of using an Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication method that I call “The Moving Water/Sunlight Reflection Method” I’ve noticed that capturing a full face is quite an infrequent event, yet many half faces come through. I have been told by the spiritual beings I work with that when an image is originally projected it is in perfect formation. They say that the error is in the methods used on our side (this physical world) when we receive it, and that it is only a matter of time before perfect communication will be formed between their world and ours. While we’re working towards that time, we use technology to the best of our ability to demonstrate communication. It is for this reason that I would like to share the symmetry method used in my work.

- Photo courtesy of The Scole Experiment Website

– Photo courtesy of The Scole Experiment Website

Two years ago while I was researching some ITC work done by the Scole Group. If you are not familiar with The Scole Experiment, it is quite well-known and involved people that are well-respected in this field. I highly recommend checking it out. They used a combination of Trance Mediumship and ITC work, both areas of which I am familiar and work with. Anyway, I was looking at some of their ITC work which was very similar to that of mine with water – except that they used crystals. They had some great communication results of images and faces showing through in the crystals they used. Interestingly enough, they also photographed a few half faces shown in the crystals. They decided to use a software program that makes images symmetric – which means that they make an exact mirror image of another image. So with some of their half faces that had come through in a communication session they made the exact same half face for the opposite side of the face. The result was a full face image.

-Photo by Orion Silverstar - Copyright 2014

-Photo by Orion Silverstar – Copyright 2014

So having found this out, I decided to try this same idea with some of the half faces I had received with The Moving Water & Sunlight Reflection Method of ITC. However, I did come across some issues – one was that if the half face was not facing directly towards me the face would not be in proportion; the same happens if it was slightly deformed. So for these images I left them as they were – half deformed faces. As my job working for the spirit world is not to change or dramatically alter the original image received, some discretion must be used. My task was just to present them as they are wishing to be seen.

Lets face it – using software like this still was not 100% perfect, and I did not want to give the skeptics anymore lead-way. Over the last six months or more I have seen people using this type of Symmetry software to turn almost any object into faces and some even trying to say that it is spiritual and then others were not sure… answer to this is no, it is not.

As I say, I will only use this software for the water method of I.T.C and only if there is a real half face present there. Even then I make a point of saying that there are a few things I will still take into consideration before using symmetry software. I do not wish to make something out of nothing at all, as that`s not spiritual nor is it paranormal. To my knowledge I was the first to start combining The Moving Water/Light Reflection Method of I.T.C with the Symmetry software program. As time progressed this technique was duplicated by other ITC researchers – including some that have been doing the Moving Water/Light Reflection Method longer than I have. Others are now using this very same method with some interesting results.

Having said all this…here is one of the half faces that I had come through for me in the ITC method I have mentioned above last year. Using the Symmetric software to complete the face, this is how it turned out. I really could not see what it was about to become when it was a half face. Perhaps this technique will interest people and help inspire others in their work.


~ Rev. H.P. Orion Silverstar

To see many more images of this water ITC work combined with Symmetry that I do, please check out the following FB page called “Higher Vibrational Frequencies”

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