Write it Down: A Ouija Board Gives Advice

by Keith J. Clark

For 42 years I’ve wandered this earth like a lost child. In fact, people in spirit have addressed me as “little boy lost” in readings with mediums. I could have thought of a much more fitting moniker, but so it was. Perhaps they are right. My entire life I am pulled in a million directions simultaneously, moving from one idea to the next, always ready to soak up knowledge like rays of the sun. But having so many thoughts and lack of focus can often feel like a curse. What does one do? I simply did what any little lost boy would do. I asked for help and was seeking…hope.

And that’s what I received one sunny day in Florida in the summer of 2009. It came from the most unlikely of places. A Ouija Board. And in that message I was told to write, here…on this website. So now, a full decade later – I write.

July 5, 2009 – Ouija Board Channeling Transcript

Spirit: “You wish to write a book?”
Me: “Yes”
Spirit: “The beginning point, we suggest, could be brief but succinct writing which you host on your own website. This action on your part will expose you to others of like mind.”

My journey into the world of spirit communication began in late 2005, thanks to the movie White Noise and a very dear friend. Almost four years later I was desperately seeking change. There was balance in my life – I was living in California and working at a wonderful family-run computer business. But I was still searching for something. For years I had been receiving information from spirit communicators through mediums – and I had received more than my fair share. In fact, information was overflowing and I was addicted to it, loving every juicy morsel. As I traveled to Florida for a visit I had no idea that I would receive information that would add more steam to my engine, more power to my warp drive.

A very kind couple invited me to stay at their house during my visit. This was very much appreciated because money was always very difficult. One evening we drove to go visit some of their friends – a lovely spiritual couple.

A Gift

I knew about this meeting ahead of time, so I did the honorable thing and came bearing a most fitting gift – an original Ouija board created by the one and only William Fuld in the early 20th century. To make matters even more interesting it would be our mode of communication for the special message of the evening. After a period of time where all parties sat and meditated and shared their experiences, the group split up and there were only three of us remaining. We sat at the kitchen table, spoke our invocation of protection aloud, placed our hands on the planchette…and it began to move.

Spirit: “We welcome this opportunity to communicate in this fashion. The board is but one tool of many which can connect our worlds. We must applaud you Keith for your fine work on behalf of all of us, which includes both sides of life. You of all people understand that there is a desire on both sides to communicate. We each have much to share and we believe what we share is of value.”

Ok, this is starting out well. It was the first time I had seen a Ouija board successfully operated. The planchette seemed to slide effortlessly and the medium’s hand seemed to compliment the action. But what I did not expect was the medium to speak the words aloud as they were being spelled out on the board. It seemed as if she knew sometimes what the word was before it became apparent through the planchette. The third person transcribed the message on paper in cursive. Was this how it is normally done? It seems I had so much to learn!


Spirit: “You will be impressed more and more with the thoughts and impressions of spirit. We assure you that this work is very familiar to your soul. We will tell you now that you were very much involved in this work when you left the earthplane in your immediate past life. Do you ‘wonder’ at the divining force you experience? This is the next chapter in your book of lives. We cannot impress you enough as to the importance of your mission in THIS life. When you receive an impression from Spirit write it down in a notebook and take these impressions into your dreamtime. We will “flesh out” the impressions into a working plan.”

Now my attention was definitely piqued. Who doesn’t want to know about their past lives, or should I simply say, their “other lives?” If there is no time, then there really are no “past” lives, are there? A conversation for another time. Yes, I was most certainly wondering – why was I so darn interested in connecting to people in spirit? My reason was not like that of most people, as I did not have a particularly special attachment to someone who died and left the earth.

Dreamtime. Now, why would they mention dreamtime? What is special about dreamtime? I can say now, 10 years later that I know the answer. Dreamtime is when we become aware of the other dimensions we are living in! They’re not just dreams, they are as real as this reality is to us now. But this is my story, I’m sure you can come to your own conclusions. This is an important concept that I’ve just recently come to understand. The act of writing converts a thought into physical form, creating a permanent record in this physical reality. Spirit seems to refer to writing an idea down as a sort of mock-up drawing board for a concept. But wait, they’re leaving the creation part up to me? Yes, that’s right. They can only act in accordance with our free will. And why would they waste their time on something we did not bother to spend enough energy to even write down?

Send me an Angel

Spirit: “Is there a path this evening which you wish to pursue?”

I then asked the biggest question on my mind. Should I move from California to Florida, and if I did, would it be beneficial to the experiments?

Spirit: “Dear Keith, you are continually guided and if you chose to move to Florida, there will be a ‘host of angels’ scoping out the best place for your work. You, indeed, are on a course that has captured the attention of heaven itself. We stand united with you in your effort and will say, at this juncture, that the financial backing which will propel this work forward is awaiting you in this state. When your work becomes known there will be others who will join forces with you.”

Financial backing and a host of angels! What else could anyone ask for? Surely this is a rave review telling me I’m a messenger from heaven and “good to go”, right? After all, I do fart roses (ask my wife). Puff the chest out and pat myself on the back. Good job! But let me tell you, I know what you are thinking…because I thought the same. What’s the best way to trick someone into thinking a message is authentic – why it’s to stroke their ego! Who doesn’t like a good stroke? Of course this was music to my ears and I was awestruck at the choice of words, knowing it was exactly what I wanted to hear…But it didn’t come without a warning…

The Warning

Spirit: “One warning we wish to impart is this: it is vital that you lead the way and not allow another to distract you. This is your child and you will witness its maturation.”

So it appears not everything will be rosy. Distract me? Who the heck could distract me, and why? I began to have more questions than answers. What a strange statement. After all, I just do experiments. But also, what perfect balance. What better way to even out the high of the previous sentence than to add “but it will be difficult.” I mean, if the medium was really trying to impress me then why curb a roller coaster that had just reached its peak? Maybe she really was that good. Then again, I am quite eager!

*Author’s note: The contents of this channeling are personal and are shared to give others insight into the possibilities of communication. Also, to help provide content for me to learn to write about. It is hoped that my satirical commentary on the interpretation of the message will provide a true reflection of how I feel about the message, and that I can be partially objective about its contents, as well as any other message procured by spirit through mediums. The goal is to spark a curiosity of the strange world in which we live. I am well aware the message reads like it came from a fantasy novel, and also caution the reader that only I may full well understand the true implications of messages given to me. It is also intended to show that Ouija boards are simply another tool used by mediums and good information can, and does…come from them.

Stay Focused

Spirit: “Write down your intentions and create a clear treatise as to the importance of your work and the benefit to ALL who subscribe to your work…..We sense your concern that the purity of your work could be diluted or stained. This will not happen when you stay focused and in charge. At the onset of allowing your work to be known, did you not meet (name) and other clear souls who wish to further the work? Have no fear Dear Keith.”

There they go again. Write it down. Write it down. Why is writing so important? Years later, I am beginning to understand. You see, all of us are impressed with ideas and influenced by spirit. It’s what inspires us, where the beautiful music comes from, where ideas for inventions come from. I call it “pulling down a little piece of heaven.” Everyone has beautiful moments in life. There are beautiful thoughts, and there are beautiful deeds. We only translate heaven into this physical vibration when we act on our thoughts. Thinking is not the same as acting. And for someone who thinks a lot the danger is losing the great ideas. Writing them down makes them “real”.

Focused and in charge. Well, I like the sound of that too. Can I get a scepter? Of course they don’t mean “be bossy”, but there is something to be said for remaining true to yourself, true to your passion. When we work with other people there is a necessity to be a team player, considerate, compassionate. But not everyone means well. This was the warning.

Being a purist I have also had many concerns, most of them centered around material concerns. How can we accomplish our work, how will it be paid for, how will it be represented, how will it be perceived, will our character be affected, are we strong enough to withstand attacks on our personality, are we strong enough for the mission? Yes, of course I had these questions. Who doesn’t? In case you didn’t notice yet, I’m a Virgo. Can you tell? And there goes the warning again. Stay focused. Stay focused. Stay focu…….(wait, what was I talking about?)

Create Protocols

Spirit: “You are on a journey (of) great importance to all of us. Thank you for trusting what you can not yet see and the reward will be greater than you can now perceive.You will be impressed to setup protocols for both sides of life. The rules will be enforced by your guardian spirits who are dedicating themselves to your project.”

Interesting. Protocols? Like…a Vulcan salute? Like “we come in peace, take us to your leaders”? What the heck does that mean, I wondered. Very interesting. And there are dedicated people to help? How lucky am I? Will I be assigned a full-time spirit wizard to cast spells? It would sure help block the spam calls on my cell phone. Why would they dedicate themselves to something I’m working on? I’m a nobody. Just a guy who does some experiments and is hell bent on proving something, even if I am not sure what that something is. At least, that’s what I thought back then. These days I am understanding more and am less “green”, although not likely very wise. Today I would say that a protocol is any idea that:

  1. I am impressed with (by spirit) and I write down
  2. We work on the idea together (spirit people and I)
  3. It becomes a technique, method, or discipline – AKA a “Protocol” for future use by others.

OK spirit people, I’m your man. What have you got for me? Can we do this, like, NOW? So I ask them: “Are you able to give any timeline for the first stage of being able to talk with you, such as two way conversation through radio?”

Expect it Now

Spirit: “Has this not already happened on a small scale and you want to see it expand? Rather than confine you to a linear timeframe we suggest you expect this NOW in your experience. As you refine our reception, both in your physical apparatus and in your equipment the two will become one.”

Why yes, yes it has. I suppose you could think of it that way. As far as I was concerned, if I am not having a conversation that other people (and myself) can clearly hear, then we are not successful. But that is also the very human way of looking at things. Just as our spiritual evolution does not happen all at once and is a never-ending process, so it is in the physical world. One step at a time. I always considered myself strange and wondered what other people think of me. “Oh, your dream is to be a baseball player? Cool. My dream is to create live Television with dead people and other dimensions.” Odd.

Refine our reception….physical apparatus and equipment. This is an interesting choice of words I thought. And for all these years I intuited the message as I wanted to perceive it. The way I perceived it was “you’ll sync with your radio and hear us one day.” But now, I realize they were very careful with their words. Why did they not specify “radio”, as that was my primary equipment used in all of my important experiments at the time? Surely a medium that was trying to impress me would say the word “radio” to hook me like a gullible fish, because I would have latched onto it like a fresh, fat worm. But they didn’t. And by not doing so they did not give me misdirected hope to only focus on radio, which would likely have been an outcome if they had said that. These days I have actually eliminated radio in many experiments.

The Triangle

And then it hit me…I am the physical apparatus. They specified “physical apparatus” and “equipment” as if they are two different things. If one is the equipment, the other must be…me. So how will my body and my equipment become one? Will I become a Cyborg? Can I get a chip implanted? It sure would be easier to multitask. What do they mean? Refine their reception? Do they mean I will refine the ways in which they will send messages….through these said “protocols”? Ah…this must be the triangle we hear about in ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) The experimenter, the equipment, and the spirit communicator. All 3 work together to achieve balance. To become one. Like a Jedi master.

Notice that they leave the “HOW” up to me. They didn’t say “you must create a one jigawatt pedabyte transformer to stimulate the neural receptors”. They said (paraphrased) “As you refine our reception, we will become one.” How refreshing. Now that sounds and feels to me more like a genuine message from spirit, would you agree?

Linear Timeframe – what’s that all about? So they want me to imagine it NOW. Why? What does that do? Let’s look a little closer. They don’t want me to be limited by thinking a date in the future is what we’re shooting for. Doing so would mean I’m not creating that energy in the space of NOW. My own thought process would be working against me. Every time I think about this date in the future I would be further delaying something that is possible NOW. And, should that date come and pass and the exact goal was not met, how crushing would that be! To build up a world and have it not live up to our expectations. Seems quite self-defeating to me.  Think about it….if you can create it in the future, then why can’t you create it NOW? The future is only an excuse for something we think doesn’t exist now. Small steps. Baby steps. Any step.

Thinking of it now…what does that sound like? Imagination. Thinking of something that we don’t perceive as existing now in this physical world is creating it in our minds. The more we think of something, the more likely we are to take actions to support the creation of those things, the more likely it will be that we actually succeed in creating those things.

An Oversoul Speaks

We then went on to ask the question: “Who is speaking to us now? Is there a name by which the energy group can be identified?”

Spirit: “Yes. We speak with the one voice as the oversoul of Keith. DARIOUS. It is within your over-soul group that the energy abounds for your chosen mission for this lifetime.”


Oversoul. Well, I guess it’s better than an undersoul – that just wouldn’t sound right, would it? Darious, what a strange name. I’ve googled it and not come up with much, but maybe Google hasn’t renewed their subscription on their intergalactic RSS feed. Maybe it’s the British pronunciation of the following definition: Darius (Persian: داریوش) is a male given name. Etymologically it is the English transliteration of the Persian name Dariush, meaning “he possesses” or “rich and kingly”. The name also has another meaning: “He who holds firm to good.” While “rich and kingly” does have a nice ring to it, I’ll latch onto the more humble notion of “He who holds firm to good.”

We know that it is commonly known that our life experience is merely one facet of a much larger collective whole, our experience merges with that of a much larger group and we all benefit from it. Nobody knew that I already had an affinity with the constellation Orion, I didn’t know why, and still don’t know why. Inside I feel that the name Darious and Orion are connected, but I can’t explain why. But I am ever happy with the knowledge that my spirit peeps have “got my back”. And if I’ve got a “spirit team”…you likely do too. Think about that for a second. I’m the same guy that I was before you read this, the same guy who rearranges the tupperware in the kitchen cupboard and drinks ionized water. A person, just like so.

Write it Down

So my friends, the next time you have that great idea, a bolt of lightning, inspiration from heaven,  a message from heaven…or just a thought…consider listening. Pay attention. And write it down. If you won’t take my advice, take it from some of the great philosophers below. They seem to have their stuff together.


“I’ve got so many notes and little things that I write down every day. Some of those lines are really important, and I’ll just take one and move on from there. Sometimes, there’s more than just a line, and sometimes there’s nothing. There’s a song title, and you just go. That’s the beauty of it.”- James Hetfield, Metallica

“I write all the time. Like I write down thoughts that I think would be interesting or things that are kind of just concerning me at the time. Sometimes I write them on a napkin, sometimes I type them in my phone. And when it comes time to do music, I go through and see what thoughts work for this song.” – Andre 3000

“I had this great idea for a theory of relativity, but I didn’t write it down, so…sorry” ~ Albert Einstein (not a real quote)

“Substitute ‘damn’ every time you’re inclined to write ‘very’; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.” – Mark Twain (a real quote that’s funny)

Article from Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markmurphy/2018/04/15/neuroscience-explains-why-you-need-to-write-down-your-goals-if-you-actually-want-to-achieve-them/#a189c879059c

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