October 2016 Worldwide ITC Meditation



Please join us for our second Worldwide ITC Meditation broadcast live on YouTube.


Our intention is to gather like minded souls in a community of shared meditation and intention. The evening will begin with a meditation to allow our minds to calm and our hearts to open as we create a bridge for spirit to cross. After the meditation iDigitalMedium’s Stream 1 will be broadcast live for everyone to tune directly into the energy. Let’s see what happens when we all come together and create a field of Love. We are so excited to see what happens when we come together and join positive energy for the purpose of connection!

Germany, Italy, and France (*see below) have already been doing meditations at the beginning of their events of communication with spirit…just like physical mediumship circles — but with a twist – they use one or another form of ITC for the “seance” portion.

Now the US and the rest of the world will follow their example.
Join us for the first of our LIVE Meditation events. Every person DOES matter. And if you can’t join, have us in your thoughts!

* The reference above is in reference to: Hans Otto Koenig, Marco Luzzatto, and IFRES. Hans Otto König is known to do a 3 hour guided meditation, Marco does Reiki in a group, and IFRES does a group meditation. These three groups are producing some of the most compelling evidence for life after death through ITC. Coincidence? We think not!

In addition, Marcello Bacci continues his work to this day (to our knowledge.) For years he has been having groups of people join him as loved ones come through the radio to speak to their families. His work has provided inspiration and led us to where we are today.

We are so happy to be doing this and hope you will join us. Reach out with any questions! And please feel free to invite your friends 🙂

Music for this event brought to you by: Indreba – INcredible DREam BAnd

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We are so happy to be doing this and hope you will join us. Reach out with any questions! And please feel free to invite your friends! See you then!

~iDigitalMedium Team and Volunteers

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