article 2: Who Am I?

by Keith J. Clark

This is not easy to answer with brevity, but in my mind I heard the words flowing past when I wrote the paragraphs above (In article 1). That’s right – I was daydreaming what I was going to write about as I was writing something else – my mind was half an hour ahead! Now I have to reach into the depths and attempt to pull back some of the words and things I saw that were so beautiful and elegant in my head.

I am a 39 year old man with a mustache. Quite jovial, yet just as serious in daily life. I’m overweight and just quit smoking – again, for the last time. I’m tempted to say “I’m a joker, was a smoker, was a midnight toker.” When I wake up in the morning I’ll blast one of two things on the stereo – Indie music on Spotify or the live feed from my experiment radio. Regarding the radio – that’s too much to explain for right now, it will have to wait for another day. The Indie music is easy to figure out. Why waste my time listening to old and “popular” music when I can search endlessly for new treasures? Every “new” experience feeds the soul that I am.

In the grand scheme of things, I consider myself very fortunate. By day I work for a large corporate law firm. Not directly – it’s “in-sourced”, which is the new model for the business world. This last fall I bought my modest little house – it was the first time that I felt truly independent. It made me feel manly. Well, that and the attempt at growing a beard both felt pretty darn good. With a grand trifecta currently in place – I cannot complain about anything. I have work, health, and love.

There are as many bad habits in my routine as there are good. I’m kind yet critical at the same time. When I was a drug addict I thought I could beat the system – and in some ways, I did. When I dropped one addiction I always replaced it with another. I’ve loved and been hurt, hurt others and been loved. They say that moderation is the key in all things, and I believe it. But moderation is not my middle name.

My love for all things related to life after death is only overshadowed, if at all – by my love for music. Both of them are forms of creation. It’s taken me this long to realize this is what I am and what I long to be – a creator. You see, I have dreams – just like you. Mine are unusual, but they are mine and I’m keeping them. I truly believe that if we couldn’t accomplish our dreams then we wouldn’t have them in the first place.  It doesn’t mean we will all succeed in this lifetime.

Most of all, I am human. I am just another Joe.

And I want to be a medium.

Some people tell me I am already a medium or am going to be. I think that if this is true, then it should be documented so other people can go through the same transition. Ordinary people. People just like me.

This is my story.

My name is Keith and I’m the creator of the ITC Bridge and iDigitalMedium websites. My passions are music and the expression of creativity in all areas of life – with a special emphasis on life AFTER death, communication with spirit, and development of mediumship. New challenges excite me. Breaking ground and forging into the unknown is one of my favorite pastimes. As I share my journey of learning about myself I hope to help others also – to learn about the world we live in and the worlds we wish to understand. Feel free to comment below, or contact me at any time.

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