article 1: The First Step is the Largest

by Keith J. Clark

I’m told I should write. At least, that’s what mediums say when I have readings with them. So, here I am. However, I was not told what to write about. It seems that part is left up to me. People say that the best way to begin something is to just actually do it. When you do it, you get better at it – whatever “it” is for you. So here I am, “doing” it.

(Virgo analysis kicks in) What do I have to say that anyone would be interested in reading? I guess I’ll find out the same time as everyone else! There’s a lot that bounces around inside my noggin, many simultaneous waves crisscrossing each other’s paths. I refer to it as structured chaos.

Thinking is easy, writing – not so much. Time is the enemy, is it not? We think much faster than we can write – at least this is the case when speaking for myself. So, where does one begin? Do I start with how I feel right now, or what I am thinking about in this particular moment? That is always the hardest part – where to start. It’s as easy for me to dream and conjure up ideas as it is to climb a tree. The hard part is figuring out how to get back down again. The why is never a problem, the how is always my challenge.

My life is as boring and thrilling as everyone else’s. Sure, I have a lot of knowledge in different areas – just like everyone else. Perhaps it’s the act of baring yourself and seeing what people resonate with. If that’s true, then I can handle it. Now, let’s get on with this little experiment.

I have several areas to write about that I can pick from. Instead of setting them aside, I think I’ll write them out and let the chips fall where they may. You see, the desire for perfection is one of my best and worst traits – and often ends up in procrastination. I’m a true Virgo – born on September 7th, and when I read horoscopes for my sign, they are dead on accurate. Even as I write this it is difficult, because 10-15 different ideas have passed through my mind as I have been writing this one single paragraph. Many of you know what I mean.

In fact, as an overly analytical person I look at the writing above and want to discard it, completely. It’s simply not good enough. But I won’t do that, this time. I’ll try to be like other successful people and be unashamed of what I write and how I write it. If I can. Focus Keith, focus.

The assumption is that the more I write, the better it will be. Let’s find out!

Keith7-2016SmallMy name is Keith and I’m the creator of the ITC Bridge and iDigitalMedium websites. My passions are music and the expression of creativity in all areas of life – with a special emphasis on life AFTER death, communication with spirit, and development of mediumship. New challenges excite me. Breaking ground and forging into the unknown is one of my favorite pastimes. As I share my journey of learning about myself I hope to help others also – to learn about the world we live in and the worlds we wish to understand. Feel free to comment below, or contact me at any time.

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