Who?? – The Lamoreaux Brothers: Chapter 2

by Ron Ruiz

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Chapter – 1 Trivia: Did ya notice…huh…huh…did you notice in the transcripts for Oct 23, 1972 Joseph Lamoreaux used 2 different recorders and 2 different recording methods and got the same responses on both recorders!!

From a research standpoint this is noteworthy because I remember a long time ago, the AAEVP / AtransC…et al…was of the opinion that responses received on 2 or more recorders were not considered genuine EVP.

The following snippet is taken from the AtransC website:

Simultaneous EVP

“The ATransC has no reliable evidence that the identical EVP has been simultaneously recorded on more than one device. Sarah Estep has reported that, in group recordings, she has never encountered an instance of duplicated EVP.

EVP have been shown to be an electrical event, rather than an acoustical event. The fact that an EVP can be recorded without a microphone, in an acoustically isolated chamber and apparently by only one recorder, makes it reasonable to assume that a sound simultaneously recorded by two devices is not EVP”

AtransC did modify their opinion of Simultaneous EVP, but only to the extent when one records while using background audio such as EVP Maker or similar texturing. The Lamoreaux brothers went on to capture simultaneous responses on more than this one occasion.

Moving On…

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image credit: Wikipedia

November 1972.  The price of gold was $38 an ounce. The average cost of tuition, room & board to a four year state university was $1,400 a year, and Keith J. Clark has not yet been born.

Meanwhile; in the now chilly pacific northwest, Michael & Joe Lamoreaux were going strong with their experiments; spending as much as 8 hours a day recording for and transcribing EVP’s.

Joseph continued to use his background in electronics to build various devices for use in their experiments. Joe paired a microphone and a modified phono magnetic cartridge and took advantage of the electromagnetic field generated by the permanent magnets housed within the cartridge.

And by November 10, 1972; using the schematics shown in the appendix of Raudive’s book Breakthrough, Joe Lamoreaux built his own Gionometer. How cool is that? As far as I know; other than the original device invented by Theodore Rudolph for Konstantin Raudive, this is the only other Gionometer that was ever constructed.

One of the other experiments tried was…instead of speaking, they took a pen and paper and wrote out questions while recording. The effort was successful. I myself have done this. This is something ghost boxers may want to consider trying.

image credit: wikipedia

image credit: Wikipedia

Back then…as it is today, the ultimate goal for Michael & Joe was to establish clear communication with the good folks on the other side. As you read through the transcripts you will see them painstakingly ask for stronger signals.

Another common thread between then and now is the frustration of asking for the names of Spirits. From my own experience, you will usually get an unsolicited name from someone that’s just passing through as opposed to getting a name when requested.

On another note, Michael and Joe were able to make contact with a recurring female Spirit named Mona Templeton. Mona first made her presence known in October and has continued to grace their recordings. The good thing about having a “regular” is their voice can be easily identified from the stadium of voices one usually hears. The bad thing about having a regular is finding out the hard way; the real motivation behind the recurring visits. How will Mona handle the attention thrust upon her? You’ll have to read the transcripts to find out.

Sometimes unsolicited EVP’s can be just as revealing as getting answers to specific questions. This happened to Michael Lamoreaux on Nov. 7th 1972 when he asked about signal strength. Here is a portion of that moment in time:

NixonNotice the 2 responses at the bottom. One spirit asks another about election results!! Curious isn’t it that someone on the other side was wanting to know that info? Turns out that Nov. 7th was the day of the presidential elections in the U.S. And yes…the man who was re-elected…was Richard Nixon.

image credit: Wikipedia

image credit: Wikipedia

Some of the questions that were asked by the Lamoreaux brothers were: Do you have active sex lives? When did you first discover you could talk to people through a tape recorder? Do you travel? Do you walk?  Do you need help? Do you want me to rescue you?  Do you have Thanksgiving?

I hope you enjoy reading through the transcripts and be sure to keep an eye out for Mona Templeton.

To read or download the transcripts for Nov. 1972, please click the link below:

NOV-1972 Scans

P.S….Things start getting interesting in Chapter 3

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