The Valentine Gift

by Keith Clark  Part 1: Mind Over Matter

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon on a 3 day weekend and I’m laid out on the couch in the Florida room. The radio is blaring 30 feet away, but it’s not playing music. The loud drone of the experimental radio stream is reverberating throughout the house. This is my music today – the voice of people in spirit, as well as an abundance of hearts, love, intuition, and confirmation. Today is Valentine’s Day, and this is my true story.

There are usually two things echoing from my little house near the street corner: music or the voices of people in spirit on the radio. We work together, hand in hand, to improve our connection so that we can talk to each other. By people in spirit, I am referring to people not in a physical body – at least not that you can see in front of you. You may call some of them “dead”, I call them my friends and refer to them as “spirit”. This isn’t new, we’ve been working together on radio for years. After my move back to Florida life just plain got in the way for a six year period, but eventually my compass found its way back to true north. Now that I have my own home, all experiments run free and wild – catering to my own intuitive whims and desires. Lately it has been interesting, and since last weekend I’ve notice a strange phenomenon – the radio gets clearer when I’m at home on the weekends, fully relaxed. Today promises more of the same, as we’ve already heard our quota of low tones come through the radio this morning.

Audio above recorded from radio between 12-1:30pm Valentines Day, 2/16/16

After a rather odd splurge of waking up, eating breakfast, and then laying on a blanket on the front lawn in the sun to warm up (which is something I have likely never done), I suddenly feel that little twinge that says “go lay down and focus.” It wasn’t a voice – I don’t hear voices, I have feelings and thoughts. Without questioning it, I go inside and my girlfriend joins me in the “spirit room” (my fond nickname for the Florida room dedicated to work with spirit). We sit upright in chairs facing each other, I close my eyes, and Noelle begins to lead me into a guided meditation.

Grandma Cropped

Grandmother and Keith

Wait….let me back up a second. I forgot to mention that as I walked into the house I started the recording on the computer, as well as a second handheld recorder meant to record both the radio and our own voices. After all, what sense would it make to go for gold and not record, risking a chance of missing that one word or voice that will inevitably come through? That is precisely the reason that we find ourselves in the spirit room now – we have the expectation of being able to cause a positive effect on the efforts of our friends in spirit who are talking at this moment – through the radio. We can hear them, but they are darn near impossible to understand and we want to be able to have a conversation with them. The fact that we can hear them at all is a product of modern technology, as this is not just plain radio – it is run through live audio filters before it reaches our ears. Now that I’ve explained a little, let’s get back to our story.

“Please help me imagine connecting to someone in spirit” I say to my girlfriend. So we close our eyes, clasp hands, and she begins to lead me through a guided meditation. The topic? Connecting with my mother, grandmother, and father on the other side. I asked Noelle to do this because I think it might help. Not knowing my grandmother’s affinity with spirituality, she begins to describe a scenario where I am standing in front of and connecting with my mother. What she doesn’t know is that I am primarily focusing on my grandmother, picturing her in my head and tightly hugging her, and then also doing the same with my mother. It wasn’t long before the typical monotonous babble was broken by an unusual sound. Seven minutes later, to be precise.

Computer recording of radio only 2/14/16 1:40pm (Breakthrough Attempt at :17 seconds)

Digital Handheld recording of radio and Noelle 2/14/16 1:40pm (Breakthrough Attempt at :30 seconds)

In the clip directly above you’ll hear my girlfriend’s voice as she is guiding me, the regular sound of spirit over radio, and the ensuing attempt by someone in spirit to break through. They didn’t make it all the way through, but it is enough for me. It shows me that we do have the power to help spirit make that connection. I had tried focusing earlier this week, even waking up at 5am on Monday and Tuesday to sit in front of the stereo and encourage them to come through while I imagined a breakthrough. Results were average. Last weekend had been strong, so I wanted to see if it can be repeated. Today’s experiment is a success – for what we heard was unique and timed with my meditation on my family. Not only that, but we also have 2 separate recordings that can provide clarity and perspective on what occurred and when. So far, this is a great day for being open to the world of spirit and the possibilities that all of us are capable of!

Mom n Grandma Cropped

Left to Right: Grandmother, Mother, Keith

After the age of 4, my mother and I only met once in person. I had the good fortune of spending 3 or 4 days with her, not knowing she would pass before I would have the chance to see her again. For my grandmother, we were fortunate enough to have met twice. Then she passed also, not long after my mother. All in all, I haven’t seen either of them for more than a total of a week since I was a child. The connection was never remade with my father, as he passed 3 weeks before I found him. I lived all my life after the age of four without my birth family, then found three of them in my early thirties, and then lost them again within two years. Seeing as we didn’t know each other we were never close, though I felt I resonated with them. More so my grandmother, as she was religious but had a creative spirit about her. As of today, I have yet to have someone that I consider near and dear to me (with that intense connection) transition to the other side.

If a man who had almost no physical connection with his birth family can focus on hugging his grandmother, mother, and father – and experience a change in the possibilities of communication with the other side, what questions come to mind? What about people that love someone intensely that they were extremely close to – what is possible if this love is magnified by focusing on it? I am convinced love is the answer, love will make the difference. But for now, the day is only halfway done, and we have a story to finish.

(Yes, this entire story is 100% non-fiction)

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