Who?? – The Lamoreaux Brothers: Chapter 1

by Ron Ruiz

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Image Credit: City of White Salmon, WA

Image Credit: City of White Salmon, WA

It was the summer of 1972. The average cost of a new house is $27,000, gasoline is 50 cents a gallon and you could see Elvis in concert for $5.

In picturesque White Salmon, Washington, 29 year old Michael Lamoreaux had finished reading Konstantin Raudive’s book Breakthrough. Michael, a former public school English & Art teacher who had returned to college for post-graduate study, leaned back in his chair, awestruck at the possibility of making contact with the other side. He wondered if attempting to communicate with The Dead was something people should even try to do in the first place.


Image Credit: ebay

Image Credit: ebay

Before reading Raudive’s book, Michael basically had zero interest in anything related to ESP or psychic matters.  But the prospect of obtaining Electronic Voices was different. EVP was something tangible, something you could hear for yourself, something that had to be tried. Michael acquired a Magnavox cassette recorder and began experimenting while at college but those efforts did not yield anything meaningful.

One weekend, Michael was home from school and hanging out with his brother Joseph.  Joe mentioned being a little bored and how he was thinking of a new project to get involved with. Michael brought up trying to contact the Spirit World. Initially Joseph wanted nothing to do with the subject until Michael explained the process used electronic technology. Say no more…Joe was in.

Image Credit: ebay

Image Credit: ebay

You see, Joseph Lamoreaux was an Air Force vet who had been trained as a radio operator with special emphasis in decoding. Joe surmised he could use his skills to help him distinguish the voices from the background noise. The rest of the weekend was spent learning more about the process Raudive used to make contact.  Sunday rolled around and Michael returned to college leaving the Breakthrough book with Joe. The next day, Joe got a Midland reel to reel and some parts from a local electronics shop and began his own experiments.

On Thursday, a mere 3 days later, Joseph called Michael with very exciting news. He had recorded voices! Joe played his tape over the phone for Michael and together they heard the following Class A EVP’s:

“Hello Joe!…Can you hear me?…One man hears you…Listen…Can you really hear me at all?…We’re here to talk.”

Amazed and inspired, the two brothers decided right then and there to devote as much of their time as possible to record and understand this newest form of trans-dimensional communication. Over the next couple of months they continued their recordings and Joe used his military training to help Michael develop his own listening skills.

By the time October came around, the brothers were equally proficient in hearing the voices recorded on their tapes. It was then they decided to start transcribing their tapes as a means of keeping track of questions and answers.

They realized that recording in different locations gave them the unique opportunity to compare responses. At times their sessions included other people. Occasionally they did record together while trying different methods, equipment, and varying sources of background noise.

The following 3 pictures are from the first transcribed recordings beginning on October 1, 1972. At the end of the responses you will see annotations.

F is female
M is male

The reference to “sing-song” means the response had a melodic singing tone.
Who-1 Who-2 Who-3
While the responses may seem lackluster,  there are a couple of noteworthy things.  One is that the brothers quickly began to use different background textures. Joe tried AM radio inter-frequency while Michael experimented with FM.

Another important point is the almost immediate appearance of a female spirit that would come to be know to the brothers as Mona Templeton.  While it is not uncommon for a respondent to say their name, Mona made her presence know to both Joseph and Michael, who at the time, were recording from different locations – many miles apart.

The following link will bring up all 26 pages of transcripts that comprise the month of October 1972. The file is in PDF form and will open in a separate window for you to either view or save to your computer.

The transcripts paint a picture of many Spirits from the other side eager to be heard. There were also other people who sat in on the recording sessions who asked questions like: “Do you smoke marijuana on the other side?” (hey…it was the 70’s)

As you read through the material, you will see information starting to come in regarding the plane of consciousness Spirit existed on and the name of that level.

OCT-1972 Scans

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