The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 3

by Ron Ruiz

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December 1972.  The Godfather was the hit movie of the year, the launch of Apollo 17 closed the chapter on Nasa’s manned missions to the moon, and the McMenu looked like this:


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By now, Michael and Joe Lamoreaux had approximately 6 months experience experimenting and listening for EVP’s.  Logging as much as 8 hours a day and transcribing miles of audio tape, the brothers began to expand beyond simple questions and branch out to more evidential endeavors.

In speaking with Michael’s wife Joanie about their methods; she relayed the following info:

“The brothers were not entirely convinced that the voices they heard were who they said they were; and suspected they were being told things merely to appease them.  Michael and Joe began to do experiments to ascertain the accuracy of the individual identities represented.

Through casual conversation with friends and neighbors, news of their work began to spread. People curious about their process were sometimes invited to sit in on a session, but could not clearly hear the messages themselves.

Michael and Joe, acting as interpreters; asked questions of a personal nature which the brothers did not know the details of. Often this would be in the form of nicknames used in life by the person contacted. The results were satisfactory enough to convince the questioners, as well as the brothers themselves.

Michael’s most notable confirmation came when a perfect stranger showed up at his door, having heard of his work. He believed he was having contact with his deceased wife, but sought confirmation. Armed only with her name, Michael established contact, then asked for the proof the man requested. A female voice replied, “Tell him ‘a blue sweater’.” The man burst into tears. She had been knitting him a blue sweater when she died.”

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While not covered by the transcripts I posses, in 1974, Michael was asked for assistance by the police, who were trying desperately to locate a missing woman, who would later be associated with the Ted Bundy murders.

Although the results were sparing, the voices did say the woman had been taken north across the river. As several rivers were possible, he pushed for details. A loud, creepy voice hissed out the word “Yakima!” pronounced “yah-kee-ma.” This was clearly audible to the officers, who about jumped out of their skins. Later the woman’s body was found northwest, across the Yakima River.

The brothers also found that if they were insistent enough, they could contact anyone they desired to speak to, though not necessarily immediately. There was often a process or search that had to be performed by the folks on the other side.

Here’s an example of the old saying…Go Big or Go Home:
The transcripts for December 1972 are 47 pages long and are an eclectic mix of humorous misunderstandings and thought provoking insight. Here is an example of an exchange Michael had when trying to get information on what happens when we cross over:
Michael & Joe also conducted Direct Voice experiments along with attempts to visualize the folks on the other side. With guidance from the folks on the other side, limited progress was made.
The transcripts also makes mention of a “Lens” that the Moozla use to communicate with the brothers. Since Joe is the tech person, he is naturally curious about this lens and begins trying to understand its concept.
In addition to these endeavors, they started to glean more information from regular contacts as to the different levels of consciousness that allegedly exist.  Starting in the next chapter, I will provide a full chart with all these different levels…but for now you will notice the terms Pareenah – Deenah & Moozla.

Pareenah is the word used to describe our current existence on Earth.

Deenah is described as the First level or plane of existence where one first “Sits Up” or Wakes Up Dead as my friend puts it. The inhabitants of this level are called the Moozla.

Remember Mona Templeton? She’s still around. Keep an eye on her because things are going to get interesting.

To read or download the transcripts from December 1972, please click the link below:


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