The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 4

By Ron Ruiz

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January 1973 – George Steinbrenner & company buys the New York Yankees from CBS for $10 Million dollars; the Frazier-Foreman fight was the first boxing match broadcast on HBO and the Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins 14 – 7 in Super Bowl VII

In the last chapter I said I would post a chart of the different levels or planes of existence that were described to Michael and Joe Lamoreaux. To keep things simple I decided to expand the chart a little at a time so as not to confuse things. Here is what we’ll be working with so far:


In the small town of White Salmon, Washington, the Lamoreaux brothers started the new year with the goal of obtaining in depth information from the ethereal contacts they made in the previous months.  Joe begins by asking about time and space and seems to get an answer that is still consistent some 40+ years later:

Michael begins asking his own questions but instead of answers, he encounters an apparition. Remember Mona Templeton…Michael’s amorous stalker from previous chapters? On Jan. 8th at 3:00 am, she decides to make an appearance. Needless to say, Michael was a bit freaked out by this.

Joe keeps pressing for more information and broaches the question of reincarnation. This question is asked several times over the upcoming months with the same basic answer given each time. It is an answer inconsistent with what most people believe:


A couple of days have passed and Michael has resumed his recordings. He freely admits the encounter with Mona has left him somewhat frazzled and tries to figure out if he should continue his research:

As Michael tries to figure out how Mona did what she did, it is said that a device… a lens called a Domnit is used to reach out from their side to ours. Remember the name Domnit because in a few months, the folks on the other side provide information and specifications on how to build one.


Remember the chart from above? In the transcripts, you will see as the Lamoreaux brothers try to understand the differences between the planes of existence called Deenah and Ree – a very heated exchange between The Moozlah and the Moolits erupts.

Accusations of army’s, poison, fear, loathing, hate and discontent fill the pages. Anyone who has done classic EVP work will tell you of the presence of hecklers and tricksters in their own recordings. I’m not sure if they were responsible for the bulk of these responses in the transcripts, but it is a very curious thing to read.

Jimi Hendricks and Lyndon Johnson are also called upon to answer questions posed by the brothers. All in all, the new year is starting off right.

To download the entire transcripts from January 1973 in PDF form, click on the link below.


As always, thank you for your time. ~ Ron.

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