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Einstein’s Spirituality and Intuition
Unsung Heroes – The Reverend Michael Cocks
Sanchita Speaking
Unsung Heroes – Karl Jackson-Barnes
Wedding Traditions among the Agĩkũyũ People of Kenya
Unsung Heroes – Jack Andrews
Unsung Heroes – Sandra Foy
The Struggles of African Women
Standoff at Kenya Music Festival
Drought in Kenya
Unsung Heroes – John Hardaker
Personal Story – Séances in Ontario, Canada
Unsung Heroes – David Duffield of
Unsung Heroes – Michael Tymn
Sonia Rinaldi – Unborn Child Transcript
Unsung Heroes – Tim Ryan of
Some ideas about the way ITC works
Personal Story – See You in a Few Minutes
Spektrocom-FREE Paranormal ITC Software by eXtremeSenses Software
Write it Down: A Ouija Board Gives Advice
All iDigitalMedium YouTube Videos
The Bird of Paradise – A Manuscript of Channeled Material Received by a Telepathic Medium
Sanyang Family Fundraiser Year 3
Project St. Peter: Lab 1 Part 1
Nonprofit Update August 3 2017
We Don’t Die Radio Show by Sandra Champlain
Form to Send a Message to Marcello Bacci
Let’s Thank Marcello Bacci!
The Memorial of William Addams Welch
5 Secrets to Spiritual Success
A Twist Of FATE – Spiricom or SpiriCon
The Spiricom Information Packet
Lost Treasures
The COMPLETE Spiricom Technical Manual
Russian Scientists Discover The Mystery Of The Other Side
Para-X Radio Interview March 2009
“Chasing Ghosts” – Monterey County Weekly 10-26-2006
Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes Radio Interview 10-16-16
Visions of Chaos Visual ITC Paranormal Project
Spiricom – Its Development & Potential – The Complete Recordings
Declassified – The Spiricom Technical Report
The Personal Plight of Bill and Mary Alice O’Neil
The Original Spiricom Tones
First Contact Between George Meek and Bill O’Neil
Stream 3
Sarah Estep Operates Spiricom
The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach – Part 3
October 2016 Worldwide ITC Meditation
7 Ways We Can Help Bring Life After Death Into The 21st Century
article 4: The Next Chapter
September 2016 Global Meditation
The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach – Part 2
The Euro Signal Bridge of Jules and Maggy Harsch – Fischbach Part – 1
article 3: Wait for Nothing – Spirit Brings Them to Me
IPATI – Transcommunication Between The Living -The Case of Debora
article 2: Who Am I?
article 1: The First Step is the Largest
The Exorcism Of Bill O’Neil and Mary Alice
Multi-track method
Russian Researchers Establish Radio Contact with the Dead
Russia: 25,000 Strong in Spirit
The Valentine Gift
The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 5
The Red Plaid Shirt
The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 4
The Lamoreaux Brothers Chapter – 3
The Sanyang Family – Gambia, West Africa
Interactive Audio ITC Experiment For You To Try
We’re Back: The Continued Quest for Direct Radio Voice Using High Voltage
The Symmetric Metric: ITC Using Water, Light, and Symmetry
Who?? – The Lamoreaux Brothers: Chapter 2
Who?? – The Lamoreaux Brothers: Chapter 1
Who?? – Foreword
Intention and Focus Trumps Hocus Pocus
Thomas Edison: The Lost Chapter
In Disguise – The Angel and You
Alternate Sources For EVPs
Physical Séance Room Recollections Vol I
The Raudive Diode and Its Place in History
Are You a Leader? 12 Characteristics
Outta Sight, Out of Body: The Fingerprint
Peek-A-Boo ITC You
Astral City: A Spiritual Journey – Trailer (Portuguese: Nosso Lar) (Available to Rent Online)
Chico Xavier – Portuguese (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese Subtitles)
Ectoplasm – The Film (Subtitles in English)
Suicide Birds – Signs From Spirit
Telepathy for Loved Ones in World War II?
Ectoplasm in a Jar? The Bellosean Sphere
Monkey Business at NASA